View Full Version : Hope were getting a fix very soon

06-18-2018, 08:53 AM
Dear Devs hope were getting fix real soon-cant buy patron as well as vendour anything without game crashing.i know people in game that have had enough and have left -ive played 3years and never seen it so bad-might be time to follow suit-i love this version of defience and wont be getting 2050 for the simple reason of i enjoy making guns yr own and hunting the mods-shouldve just upgraded it graphics wise and mended whats always been broken seeing as its all same content....wont be playing till #fixed store.

06-21-2018, 05:16 PM
Yes, I can't buy patron pass either. I have been playing Defiance since November 2013 and this is the worst I have ever seen it. Aside from the insane lag, lockboxes not functioning, rampant stealing, the fact that I cannot buy patron pass is pushing me to the limit. I think I wont be playing anymore either.