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Elastik Spastik
06-23-2018, 09:01 AM
First off let me say that as a veteran player, I am actually starting to enjoy this lease of new Defiance life (even though I wasn't to start with). However there are still a lot of issues. And with July 6th/10th around the corner, I am assuming these (or most bugs) won't be fixed in time. But as long as these issues are done early down the line then I'm happy.

Enemies still walk through closed gates/doors

We need an add all button for the weapon salvage. Or at least let us type how much we want to use. Hitting the mouse button 100 times each time is not good for my mouse or my old trigger finger

The game volume goes a bit crazy when when someone is talking whilst playing. It messes up the game audio.

Please let us retrieve mods back for free (we already lose the weapon in doing so). Taking mods off a weapon to put on a new one is very costly

Not sure what happened between the closed beta and this one, but the quad bike we start with takes like 5 seconds to actually turn. I know different vehicles have different handling. But this is stupidly long for a quad. Put it as it was in D13. There is no need to change the handling and the wheels hardly move on the vehicle when turning

I am pretty disappointed in how the Guardians shield looks. It is rough around the edges and looks like it wasn't finished, but you threw it in anyway

I seriously hope this disconnect problem won't be at launch. As a PC player, I don't think I ever had as many disconnects with D13, in the last 5 years as I have playing the beta this weekend so far. This will drive a lot of new and old players away if this is not rectified

This should not be a thing in D2050 but it is. Especially when driving, I am seeing stuff pop up (especially grass. And I know it is not my PC. I play much more demanding games than this without this problem). Come on now this is PC and next gen. These graphics are not even that demanding. Please give us the option to change view distance. So that all the way up there should be no pop ins from anything, and be able to see everything as far as the eye can see (unless server is lagging)

And on that note why are the not more graphics options, to make everything better

Will someone please work on character animations to make them better

Why am I getting green weapons etc that are better than the blue ones I have equipped (also note my blue weapons are enhanced and modded, yet I get green better than them)

Will there be an option for the perks to have all of them levelled to max? Or are we just bound to have one from each row only able to be max level? Will the cap be taken off? And I don't mean the abilities. I understand only one ability can be picked

Please add a lot more character creation options before launch. It is very disappointing for D2050 to not have a lot more in the character creation

When jumping and keeping crouch held down, has the bomb animation been taken out?

One last thing, please please please let us have the option to turn off ego voice (only have her talk on actual missions). If i have to listen to her for next 5 years repeating the same crap I will literally go mad!!

That's it for now. I need to play more.

Elastik Spastik
06-23-2018, 03:50 PM
Also would just like to add (this is for Guardian class, not sure about others) there seems to be no sound effects when doing abilities. Is this a bug? Its weird not having ability sound effects when activated.