View Full Version : Kill Farm: For pursuits and weapon experience

04-10-2013, 09:31 PM
The side mission "Half the Size, Twice the Profit" has a portion where you are supposed to protect a dude at a console from a horde of hellbugs including 10 skitterlings along with a few other NPCs. Everything respawns infinitely, the skitterlings when you kill the last one. They respawn just outside a hole in the wall opposite the console as a group of 10, then flood through the hole...or don't if you are waiting there with your choice of weapon. More importantly they respawn QUICKLY, in just a few seconds. The other hellbugs will camp the downed NPCs while you farm skitterlings as long as you want. Also useful for burning through the kill x00 enemies while using X ability pursuits.


The location of the mission is here.