View Full Version : It is time for Trion to update the Clan system on xbox360.

04-11-2013, 10:01 AM
Many people on xbox have no clue how awsome clans or guilds or anymore. Last time anyone really were in a clan was halo 2 clan system and rainbow six black arrow forums. Many have forgotten, since microsoft nixed it. It is time for trion to show a little light. ,but we need these options for clans.

1st. We need a in game messageboard that the higher ranks can post stuff on, You can have that last for at least a week unless change by a higher up in the clan. Then give the lower ranks the chance to post a messages that last for 24 hours. Up to 10 lower ranks messages then deletes or times out in 24 hrs.

2nd. Give voice chat in the clan, even if got max amount of people, so do not say it is not possible other mmos do it now days( no skype,vent mumble or other chat programs , that they have to use) . Then have 3 clan voice chat channels that the clan can work with.

3rd Yes we got xbox live party chat, but it is worthless to run a clan.right now you send messages or hop scotch from party to party and nothing gets done or were all a bunch of headless chickens.

4th get us xbox live user to use a clan again and, you be surprised of the amount of old school xbox players you will bring on.

5th Many of the new generation of xbox players have no clue what a clan or guild is anymore. They think if you got 8 people in a xbox party chat that is a clan. LMAO.

6th Many of us old school xbox users are willing to pay for clan bonus stuff, but we want more and better deals though, since over the years we went to mmos, free to play or the few that are left , that are monthly fees.

7th Most people that been on xbox live for over 5 yrs+. We are screwed on are friends lists since were almost maxed out and it get harder and harder to remove people. so a solid clan system relieves that burden.

Thank you .

Orge Lambart
04-11-2013, 10:03 AM
I always get random clan invites for some reason. In this game clans seem pretty pointless at the moment, other than to spam your chat window when one logs on and off.

04-11-2013, 10:04 AM
You can voice chat with your clan on the clan channel, and with your group on the group channel...