View Full Version : Defiance Game Soundtrack

04-11-2013, 11:00 AM
Just noticed it on Spotify and am giving it a listen right now....

My first impression of the in-game music, while playing, was a little 'meh' - it just seemed like I kept hearing the "Mutants of Delta Bunker" track over and over again, which wasn't my cup of tea.

But holy ****, where are the rest of these tracks??? I'm already a fan of Bear McCreary (Battlestar Gallactica, Walking Dead, etc.), and a few of these Defiance tracks are definitely getting added to regular play lists.

My favorite might be the 'Ninety-Niners' track, almost like an ecclectic blend of Appalachian, rock and a little techno.

Maybe I'll have to turn the in-game music back up now that I'm in new territory.