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03-07-2013, 09:29 AM
So far i seen quite a few ppl asking for Euro-based guilds. Me myself am looking to meet other Euro's as well to start off with when the game launches. Although not interested in hosting/leading a guild myself, it might be time for some 'European leaders' to stand up and start to recruit ppl to accomplish their undoubtly great plans. Also ppl looking for a good Euro-guild on PS3 might be interested in this thread to look for their options. Plz reply to this thread if you're looking for a eurobased guild or plan to start one on PS3. Let's meet up and be prepared at launchdate!

I'll be editing this first post with all the names of the guilds that ppl start, for the leaders that plan to start a guild and recruit, plz keep me informed on your membercount and recruiting. That info might help ppl looking for guilds to pick the right one for them (and hopefully get you more recruits).

OTB (On The Brink), contact: MrxRaZaRx

03-07-2013, 12:07 PM
Oh yeah, for the clans that want to recruit me...

I'm 32 years old, been playing games since the NES and the Gameboy, so that oughta be the late '80s. Have a gamecollection of over 1000 games on NES, gameboy, GBA, DSi, Wii, Sega, PSX, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox360. Have played onlinegames/MMO's etc on PC as well, but prefer the laid back approach of consoles (the pause button) cause of my smoking addiction which is -sadly- not allowed in the house. Why then choose the PS3 version of Defiance? 1. Console, explaination to be read above. 2. Free online play.

I have a mic, and experience in leadership roles in online games. However, for this new upcoming game i have no ambitions in a leadership role.
Daily active as gaming is my number 1 hobby and interest. Main preferences in genres: Shooters (both 1rst and 3rd person), RPG's and Strategy games.
Main interest in these kinda games like Defiance: Long range combat, sniping, rocketlaunchers, healing, supporting. Making the ppl inside the 'up close and personal' battle exceed in what their doing.

As I'm from the Netherlands my main language is Dutch. Also speaking English and a few good words in German. Looking forward to fight alongside you all. :)

03-09-2013, 09:24 AM
Really no Euro's planning on starting a Euro-guild?

03-14-2013, 06:41 PM
Hey ppl I will be making OTB (On The Brink) from day 1 we have already got a very strong corp in dust514. We r a gr8 bunch of lads a mix of hardcore/casual and will e very active on defiance. If u want to no any more add my psn MrxRaZaRx