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01-23-2019, 07:39 AM
This thread is closed because i will not be chasing down every hot shot with a MB
Or every rookie who finds out how to run

01-23-2019, 10:40 AM
What is the parameter used to test for these title of speed runner, expo, (invotory <- ? inventory) pvp?

Is it judged based on how quickly expo is completed, or how well equip is character is, or KTD ratio (kill to death)?

Please reply back on the source in which you used for your statement. Perhaps a screenshot of the pvp score or image to support your statement will be helpful.

PS, what is invotory? Did you meant to spell inventory?

01-23-2019, 01:18 PM
Yes I did I was on my way to class

And I’ll get pictures but that mean stoner loko is gone or missing so he won’t be part of that class
Best inventory will be took down because it I guess you could say bias because I didn’t hav 50 people check their gear and I guess it wouldn’t be fair for me to say who does I was going of the rarity of weapons the rolls of them and if they were T6 or T5

Expo is how high and how fast they can do them

Speed running is talking about getting to the island on the bottom left side of San Francisco but if you want to be with exact for speed running the it would be

These lists aren’t in order

Pvp is how ever from 46
And their names was for each vote
Stoner loko
Lunatic Chick
Hatsuki(but she is terrorizing ps4 cod now)

Mundy Drudge
01-23-2019, 01:43 PM
Can you explain a speedster ? In co ops running glitching your way through a map or avoiding not killing things ?

01-23-2019, 01:49 PM
Which way the first way that I was basing it off of? Or this new way I put it

Mundy Drudge
01-23-2019, 02:09 PM
Which way the first way that I was basing it off of? Or this new way I put it

Well can you explain speedster so that we can understand it . Do you mean the island at the bottom right of San Francisco ?
Why would you want to go there , so by speedster do you mean going out of bounds in the map ?

01-23-2019, 02:59 PM
When I talk about getting to that island you can’t get to that island if our slow
You need to be a certain speed to get there. Faster than when you run coops which means you would need a extra speed boost 75% speed boost that is blur plus the load out to get there. while coops you would use decoy instead of blur. that is the reason at first I put that island instead of a coop because getting their is speed the coops takes timing and skill or dumb luck

01-23-2019, 03:59 PM
I haven't been on in over a month, so I'm not sure what the current state of PvP is. Therefore, I can't say who is the best vs who is not in PvP.

On a side note, I should get on sometime soon.

01-23-2019, 04:41 PM
It would be a Delight to play with you. haven’t seen you since you were 4k

01-23-2019, 05:28 PM
I wish I was good like those guys.

01-23-2019, 07:04 PM
Kedar man i actually though that someone would of said you

01-23-2019, 07:25 PM
Kedar man i actually though that someone would of said you

Lol itís good, I wouldnít call my self top tier hardcore player, I was hardcore when they didnít nerf big boomers lol. But All those players are good in their own way though and I respect them for each play style they use.

01-24-2019, 03:31 PM
lowkey sad I wasnt included

Edit: the only difficult person listed is loko, everyone else is doodoo compared to him

01-24-2019, 03:44 PM
Loko was I think the2nd or 1st person to pull a CN mass blaster

01-25-2019, 06:42 PM
Didn't make the cut. Gonna go end it all right now. Living seems pointless now. #sosarcastic

01-25-2019, 07:56 PM
Feel bad for em. They spent an obscene amount of money for something i picked up off the ground. But thats 360 too so rng probably not equal between platforms. We all know its not equal between players we've all seen the same people pull piles to our 1or 0 lol

01-26-2019, 06:59 PM
This person bought everything like every bundle every pack everything that was buyable he bought and he had at least one of every single jackpot rigs included

Truly sucks that that money those players spent to be all flashy and ahead of everyone else didn't get put to use rightfully to benefit and improve the game. I heard there were players who splurged into the 5-digits! And they're long gone, having given their gear away and/or just deleted it all.

01-27-2019, 07:55 AM
There was is a lot that have

01-31-2019, 09:19 AM
Just curious but only 75% speed with blur is all? I can do 3x that before blur lol and i am not alone nor am i the fastest on 360 na. I think you guys are missing something or havent caught on to something that we have. Ill post some SS of what im running in my " run " class maybe itll help

01-31-2019, 12:37 PM
ik i stoped speed running

02-03-2019, 11:49 AM
This entire thread makes me happy. Thank you.