View Full Version : Suggestion for DLC - Pimp my ride

04-11-2013, 11:32 PM
Just throwing out an idea which I have not seen anyone mention before, for the DLCs of course. Other than just cosmetic, how about allowing more functionality? Each car should come with one "mod slot" and you can buy upgrades like:

A. Ammo point - you can refill your ammo from the boot of your car. To prevent it from being over powerful, it takes 10 seconds instead of the normal 3 or so and only refills up to half the cap.

B. Nitrogen booster - increases the booster cap

C. Hovercraft upgrade - vehicle can float and be driven over small bodies of water

D. Bigger Booty - allows you to store 10 - 20 items on the vehicle.

E. Armored plating - increases ram damage and HP.

F. Ejector - if vehicle is destoryed, you automatically eject to safety with full shield and health. It also catapults you a fair distance and height forward. (You can actually use it as a escape device out of some ditches which are hard to get out of)

G. Invisible car - enemies don't agro on it if you don't attack them

H. Self defense turret - a fully automated mini-gun shoots enemies within range (as long as you are in the car)

F. Escape vehicle - if your vehicle gets destoryed, it automatically becomes a small bike which goes extra fast and you can escape on. :cool: