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This will be a simple list about a Lot of things you have to learn about this very complex game called Defiance.
You will find tons of information in this forum or at defiancedata.com about the following things or in my posted threads.


Database !


Thats a Well done Info site.It is Missing Infos but this is enough Info for one day alone,so Take your time for checking this thread and links Out when you want to.
This thread is an allrounder already,when it comes to Infos
Well as good as it can be ,because anyone has to find his own favorite guntypes/setups/gamestyle for this game.
Hope you enjoy and Happy reading.
(I am sorry for writing this thread a bit Out of order.Some things should come first ,Like the number 31.I hope you still Like it and gonna find what you need )

Let's begin:

1 Storyline

The storyline is Made for having a First impression of the Game .You can drop some guns on the ground there ,after you killed enemies.
You also gain xp ,mods and cars as rewards.
To finish the Story Line does Not mean you finished the game.

2 Cars

You can buy cars at headlands Transit Depot or at Hidden vendors.
Click Here to find headlands :

Cars are helpful to drive to all Kind of Battles or also for leveling up when you Drive around.

3 Arcfalls

Arcfalls are the Red circles on the map.
There are several diffrent types of enemys which you have to kill at These to Receive a reward.
Each standard arcfall(also called minor) has his own enemy time.
There are Event majors(View Majors in this list to find Out more about These) ingame,where it is possible to kill multiple enemy types.
If you are quick enough to kill the First 3waves at minors there will be 2 extra ones.
Minor enemys:
DARK Matery

You can earn arcforge ,Keys ,XP, purified gulanite and more.

4 Sieges

Sieges are the huge blue circles in the map
Defend the A,B,C or D "flag" to gain XP , Keys arcforge and more.
Enemy types:

You can drop purified gulanite,XP ,Keys, arcforge and more Here.

5 Incursions

Incursions are the huge yellow circles in the map.
You have.to Finish small Battles First and drive.to the next small circle to create an endbattle Like at the sieges.

Enemy types:

You can drop Keys, arcforge ,XP,purified gulanite and more Here.

6 Mods

Mods are making your Guns stronger.
There are damage barrels,reloaders,high cap magst and diffrent scopes to mention a Few of them.
Make sure If you build a strong gun,you put the same synergy of the mods in the same synergy in the gun to Receive Up to 4 increases depending on the synergy.
There are Up to 5 diffrent colours of a mod (View Guncolours for.more Info)-The better the colour-The better the mod-
Tier 1 mods do Not have a synergy.
You can drop mods AS rewards from Story,from Iron demon ranch(http://forums.defiance.com/showthread.php?329170-Game-Guide-Coordinates),or on the ground or you can buy the mods you need by other players by chance.

7 Guns

You can buy guns at vendors.These are good for the beginning but later.on you need more powerful ones.
Your guns should be on your actual Level.Otherwise you Deal Not the max dmg you could.
You can drop guns on the ground or you can Receive guns at Iron demon ranch(http://forums.defiance.com/showthread.php?329170-Game-Guide-Coordinates) or at ex inanis runners.
There are Up to 6 diffrent guncolours.
There are x diffrent General guntypes.
Each guntype has several diffrent types of a gun.
Guns do have.rolls/multiplicators which make your gun a good or a Bad gun.Good Roll setups are what people want to buy or build.

8 Rolls

As mentioned above guns do have multiplicators.
If your gun is Tier 4 you have 4 Rolls.If it is Tier 2 it has 2 rolls.
So AS you can see the Higher the Tier the stronger the gun normally.
Bloom,damage,reload mag or velocity are some of them.
All Rolls listed in Here, Just choose your gun and Check it Out:

9 Mastry's

Guns can be mastered.
To master a gun will give you a Special bonus.
You master it when you Deal damage with your gun.
Dmg, firerate,mag or reload Just to mention some of them.
The quality of the mastery depends on the guncolour.
A orange(tier5) dmg mastery is x1.08 while a supreme (tier6)is x1.10.It is only 2% more but it can make a diffrence later on in the game.
You can reset the mastery you have with arcforge to Change it.

10 Keycodes

You can spend keycodes at lockboxes.
8,24 or 64 crates are available.
Normally the more keycodes you spend the better is the quality of the gear.
You earn These AS mentioned earlier at Sieges incursions or arcfalls.

11 radial menu

This Menu is very helpful.
How to Open it on x360:

1)Press Back or start
2) hold LT
3) now choose one of the menu while moving in a Directon with your Control Stick and Hit A
4)With LB or RB you can skip through the several topics

How to Open it on Playstation:
How to Open it on pc:

12 citys

A list of all Citys:

13 Supplies

As mentioned above some.citys have vendors where you can buy stuff.
There are citys/fast travel spots on the map where you can buy crates of lockboxes or you can refill your broken plates or your ammo.
Also you can buy some mods ,skins,spikes ,stims or Tier 2-tier3 guns.
Some citys have a reputation-vendor also where you can buy Cars ,clothes/skins ,guns or crates ,but you need the Reputation (a special Cash) first.

14 Spikes

Spikes can be placed in the ground to gain you and all the other players a boost.
Dmg Spikes, ammo spikes or Armor Spikes are the ones i prefer.
The better the colour of the Spike,the better it is.
Tier 1-3 ones do exist.
Theyre Not stacking when u place two dmg ones next to each other.
You can buy some of these as.mentioned earlier at Supplies.

15 Stims

Stims can repair your golden Plate,regenerate health or your egopower.
You can buy them at supplies.
Tier 1-3 do exist.

16 Armorplates

Each Armor Plate in your shield reduces 10% dmg U Take each Till it Breaks in your shield.
You can refill them with stims or in a city.
There are shields with 1-4 armorplates only.

17 Shields

A shield will increase your resistance.
When it brakes you loose your HUD Till it recharges.
There are several types of shields in diffrent colours and with different abilities.
The better the colour the better the capacity.
Tier1-tier6 shields do exist.

18 Synergy's

There are multiple different synergys in the Game which can be activates by 4mods of the same syn or when you wear 2 guns or 1 shield + a gun.
Some syns are stronger than others so Take your time to find Out which synergys do exist.
A syn'd gun is stronger than a non syn'd one.
I Made a thread already with my top 5 syns .

19 Guncolours



T3= blue




20 dailys

Dailys are the daily Missions you have to finish to earn Special types of Cash to buy stuff at Reputation-vendors.
The blue small circles on the map are Part of the daily missions.
Just Drive to These and kill all enemys there to finish it.

21 Groups

You can be in a group of 4 players max.
You can group your Friends ,clannys or random players.
You can see the lifebar,shieldbar and the Armor plates (plates only when this person is next to you)of this person.
You can group Up people to join together into Coop maps.

22 Clans

To Join a Clan is helpful to gain more rewards,lvling Up faster or to get more infos of the game.
Also you have more fast travel possibilities or you can kill enemies quicker when fighting together.

23 Pursuits

Pursuits are a huge Part of the Game.
Here you can earn skins, Instant lvl ups or Jackpot guns.
Open the radial menu to make it to the pursuits list.
Click through all different types and you will have Tons of Work.
Also in this menu your contracts (dailys ) are listed.

24 Events

Events are rare arcfalls where you can mostly drop new synergys ,guns or jackpots.
Just kill enemies and maybe you have a new Syn reward at the end.
Event Majors are the Battles Most of the people do play.
They Change pretty often so the enemies of the Battles change.
Some Majors you have to Play to finish pursuits.

25 skins

As mentioned earlier the skins can Change your players look.
Most of the time only Friends or clannys can see your skin ,otherwise you have this classical skin equipd even when you wear another skin.
You can earn These at Event Majors,vendors or by pursuits.

26 coop's

A Coop map is a max of 4group game.
There are several diffrent ones and you have to Play These to finish dailys,weeklys or pursuits.
They can only be playd when having a group of 4,but Most of the time people Help you start it when you call Out which one you need.
There are 3 diffrent difficulties so make sure you call Out the right one.
You need to.lvl Up First to Play the Harder ones.

27 nano-effects

Nano effects are the Symbols on your gun.
Some guns do not have one.
Each nano effect has a Special effect .
Click Here for more info:


28 perks

There are a Lot of several perks you can equip.
Each perk allows you something Special and you can customize your own Personal setup.
There are perks which allow you to use your Ego Power longer or to reduce the recharges time of the Ego Power for example.
Some Others do increase your defense or your offense.
Make sure you know them all and enjoy creating your own Personal setup.

29 monstertypes

There are several Monstertypes in this game and also Special bosses of nearly each type.

Dark Matery

30 chattypes

You can switch the chattype to talk in groups,private Chats or clanchat.It can be helpful to speak or Text with someone while Being in a group already.
This way you can Text with 2 people or more at the same time.
The "whisperfunction" can gain you another Chatroom.
Write /? In the zone to find Out how to whisper.

31 quickmenu

The quick Menu allows you to fasttravel to friends groupmates or clanmates ,to Join an Expedition or a coop ,to find Players and much more.

32 zonelanguage

The Zone language contains Special Codes which i explained a bit already in my threads.


33 Trading

The Trading Part is a very important one.
Here you can buy guns,mods,shields,Chips,grenades and cyberrigs.
It is also a Part of the Game in my opinion to find Out how much your items are worth .Check Out what people sell and remember the value when you sell the same Thing one day.
However it is your Item,your prices.
I do think still it is a social part to Help someone Out and the one pays you for.

34 Cyberrig

Cyberrig are an item you can equip.
These do contain different Forms of slots.
Each Form are Made for a specific Type of chip.
The are square ,diamonds and hexa Formed chips.
On top of the Cyberrig is a masterkeystone-slot.
A Cyberrig can boost your guns a lot when it is right built.
You can build your rig as you want to.
You can drop Cyberrigs in Expeditions when you Made it through the 3rd stage.
I do Not know anything about the percentage of the Chance to drop one,the drops are random always.
The rigs do exist is tier1-tier5 .
The Higher the Tier the more Slots it has.
The only ones which have more Slots than the tier5 ones are the Jackpot-rigs.
These are tier5 also .
You can only trade Jackpot-rigs.

35 Chips

You can drop the chips as a reward after you Made it through stage3 in an Expedition.
While playing an Expedition you can Open small rooms with enemies which do drop random items or chips.
If you have chips which you so Not Like ( Bad Tier ones for example)you can shards These to buy crates at Alcatraz' Chip Vendor.
I recommend buying the crates and Not the chips.
You can drop tier5-tier6 Chips in These,instead of buying purple ones.
The better the colour of the chip ,the more it will boost your rig.
There are several types of chips
Shieldchips,dmg chips,reload chips to mention a Few of them.

36 fractions

Fractions are Gangs in defiance .You have seen some members in the Story before probably.
The fractions do have Reputation-vendors with guns,crates and cars to buy when you do have Player dailys before.
You can rank up after you playd the dailys to finish some pursuits later on.

37 jackpots

Jackpots are very rare names items.
Mass extinction,critical Mass , Until Death , saprophyte are some of them.
You can drop some jackpots in Expedition when you reached round8 Tier 30 or.higher.
You can buy jps by other players or you can drop them in a lockbox(64keys).
Another way to drop These ist the ex inanis vendor.
All same named Jackpots are Same rolld ,do have the same synergy and they do have the same nano effect.
They do have a manufactor bonus ,because this is a drop of an Event .

38 perfecteds

Perfected guns are the perfected version of a Standard orange gun.They are more powerful than orange guns or even more than nearly all the jackpots.
All have 10% dmg increase.
There are 3 diffrent ones:
+5% firerate,crit,mag,bloom,aim accuracy

+10%crit,reload,aim accuracy

You can drop These on the ground ,at Iron demon ranch or at the ex inanis runner.
You could buy perfecteds by other players also.

39 purified gulanite

You need pg for buying perfected guns at Iron demon ranch.
You need 5200pg to buy a perfected guntype of your choice or a mod.
Watch Out:
You can only choose the guntype and the synergy.
The Drops are all random.

40 egopowers

All 4 egopowers do have their own advantages.
Pvp players use invisibility Most of the time.
Pve players prefer blur or overcharge.
Decoy is the one which is the weakest one in my personal opinion.
However you can build your own setup with your egopower which you prefer.
Dealing more dmg is always helpful:)
A Tip: some perks or master keystone chips do increase the time you can Run around with your Ego power.
I have seen a Guy two days ago ,who was able to keep His Ego Power alive for ever^^Hello to you at this point m8
He told me how to ,but i already forgot it lol

41 Expeditions

Expos are a huge Part of the Game when it comes to gaining more power.
You need a strong setup (high Ego,orange guns at least ,high cap shield or good defensive perks) First to make it through a tier20+expo the First time.Joining a Clan can Help you to make it through the First expos.
Normally clannys help their own clanny out with expos.
There are 4 diffrent ones:
Hellbug hunt:hellbugs
War below:mutants
Stolen purpose:raiders
Heaven sent:DARK martery

Hellbug Expo is the easiest one ,follows by war below,Stolen purpose,heaven sent.
The reason why:
there is only one enemy in the Expo of hellbugs with a shield
Also the Bugs Deal less dmg than the other enemy types.
They will Not 1hit you that often.

42 Loyality vendor

This vendor is only for patron Pass players.
Here you can buy Jackpots or event-crates for loyality Points.
I think it is worth to Test the Patron Pass Out only when u reached Ego 6k.
You will be grateful in the end.

43 pvp

Pvp is a huge topic in defiance.
You still can Play the Game without pvp'ing.
However to be a.good PvP player it Takes time.
First of all you need to be 6k to Deal the maximum damage with your gun.(i ve seen Low egos owning 6ks very often tho)
You need knowledge about good synergys,good guntypes,good Cyberrigs,good nano effects ,good masterys ,perks,chips,movement,spawns ,the right Ego Power and more lol
As you can see it is dir pros only,when you wanna be the top Player in there.

44 Hidden vendors

There are 4 Hidden vendors in the map .
You can buy Gear ,Cars and titles here.
Check Out:

45 Jackpot keystones

A Keystone is the one on top of the Cyberrig.
They do exist in tier5-tier6.
These are very hard to get.
You can find These at the chip.vendor only when buying the crates.
Or If you want to pay real Money for a rare Chance to drop these you can move to the defiance shop.

46 defiance shop

In Here you can buy nearly everything .
Except for the gun you saw at the Loyality vendor.
There is no function yet to buy guns precise with real cash.
Only crates,skins and inventory Slots or keycodes capacity increase exists.
It's Up to you If you want to pay

47 Radial Menu/Settings

Coming soon

48 Loadouts

You are allowed to have several diffrent types of loadouts.
Normally you do have 2 only.There are ways to increase it ,by a max of 6 . However you could create a second character If you want to have more loadouts.So you could have a Chat with a rocketlauncher and Assaultrifle loadout setup and the other toon has a Sniper or pistol setup for example.
By switching your loadout in a battle can help you out at some point.
I personally do have 1 loadout which is a 'medic revive loadout'.I Switch to this one when i have 3 dead group members in my expo and only one revive (you loose your revive when you Pick Up a dead player).There is a perk which allows you to Pick all 3 up instead of one,but only in a specific range.

49 Time trials/Hotshots

There are several Symbols on the map ,where you can do one of the mentioned Missions.A time trial is a circuit and you have to finish it in a specific time to finish a pursuit.
A Tip: sometimes arcfalls or small Battles are disturbing you while driving ,so Clean the area First and be quick on racing before they respawn.Another Tip: Nitro exists in the Game lol,i was ego3900 some years ago Till i found this out lol
Sometimes Hotshots are dailys and you have to survive in these to finish it.I believe These are Part of pursuits too.

50 The end of defiance

There is actually No end in defiance.
Even when you Made it to 6k Ego the Game is Not done yet.
It's a new beginning.
From now on i recommend to focus on getting stronger.
Better Shields,better rig(s),better guns and better setups in general.
Test stuff out to make sure whats working great and whats not.This is what i did.I do believe this is how to master a game.

51 py numbra

Py numbra is a very rare moving vendor.
It will only spawn randomly when you do emergencies in the roads .
He sells jackpots.
It will cost you 12500 PG and 50k scrip so make sure you have enough before you visit him.

52 prepatch guns

Some guns are that old ,they have rare masterys and rare rolls.
These are very Special and mostly only Veteran Players do own these.
Some of them do have healthdmg mastery for example or multiple dmg rolls,which you can't get nowadays.

53 speedfeet

Speedfeet means running fast.
There are synergys,rolls ,perks or masterys which allow you to Run faster than someone with Blur activated.
The perfect timing and the right setup can make you Run super fast.
The maximum i had was 270% which is faster than a Car moves.But it is non permanent.Some people had more already so it is Not the maximum.

54 Radial Menu /Info

Coming soon

55 Radial Menu / Social

Coming soon

56 weapon ranks

Coming soon


Hope you enjoyed and Happy playing .
Feel free to Check Out my other threads also.


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