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Amber Fae
04-12-2013, 06:53 AM

This is a Missions/Contracts guide made by myself, at the moment I am currently beaten all missions so I have to wait untill the patch on 4/12/2013 to really get started doing main quests!

Main missions!

Tutorial: So to start the game you go through all the cut-scenes and character creation screen and end up finding yourself stuck in a drop pod which is opened by an irathian named "Cass" and a program named EGO who becomes your "Annoying Navi from zelda" through the main storyline,

The first thing you should do is make sure your controls are to your liking! the next thing you'll want to do is walk up to the hologram with the "!" above their head and talk to them using the "interact" button depending on your what platform your on, you might have to fiddle around with buttons untill you find the right one.

EGO will give you a mission to: Recover weapons and gear while EGO attempts to bring bio-integratied functions online. with a reward of: 20 Script and 4000 Experience!

after you accept the mission you will have to follow the yellow/orange marker that leads you to the north about 18 meters. There you will find an box that has the "Search Equipment Cache" and shows a button/key to press and hold to interact with it (this should be the same button/key as your "action" button/key.

After you search the box the onscreen prompt will tell you to press another button that leads you to your Character screen were you can change your loadouts however you like, but right now you have to go to the "Shield" section and equip the shield you received.

EGO will then prompt you to find more weapons and that she is picking up a reading to the North-west about 203 meters. at this point you can play around with your pistol and get the hang of the controls while you make your way to the next weapon cache which turns out to be a Mobile armory, depending on what starting loadout you picked in the character creation menu, you will receive your "primary" weapon. Weather it be the LMG, Shotgun, sniper or assault rifle. after you search the armory go back to your charactor screen and equip it to your person.

after a short intro to weapons EGO will prompt you of "explosives" being nearby, follow the marker leading to the east about 146 meters, here you will find a Supply pod that looks a lot like your Drop pod you started in. after searching the pod you will be told to equipped it, by now you should know to go to your character screen and go to the "Grenade" section and equip the grenade you received!

CONGRATULATIONS! you completed your first mission!

Now on to the next one, ego will be (erm... hovering?) a few feet from the pod you just searched for grenades. she will give you a mission called "EGO Integration" which requires you to: Complete training while EGO completes its initiation and integration to your physiology. with a reward of: 20 script and 2000 Experience!

Accept the quest and follow the easy onscreen and audio instructions to find the EGO power you like!
After completing the different EGO challenges pick the EGO you enjoyed the most by going to your character screen and going to your "Power" section!
Congratulations! you now have an EGO power!

After you select your EGO you will get a message from "Cass" asking for help, follow the marker leading west to Cass's position to assist in her fight against the mutants.
You will find her fighting a losing battle against mutants in a compound, locate the "Reactor" and interact with it to overload it, after which you will have to defend it from mutant while it overloads.

A cut-scene will follow and you will automatically leave the tutorial area!

Congratulation! The tutorial area is now complete and you can now explore open world of Defiance! (except for San Francisco... you don't get to enter that area until later on in the main missions!)

I will work on this later on, sorry to cut it short at the moment.


Amber Fae
04-12-2013, 06:53 AM
Reserved! lol