View Full Version : Real constructive suggestions for a very fun game

04-12-2013, 10:11 AM
Hello all! I know this has been done countless times but I strongly feel this game has SO much potential and want to help it succeed. So let me just make a short list.

1. Chat System
( I know the idea is to have voice chat especially for the non pc platforms but this game NEEDS a better chat system) Suggestion: Make a chat box you can customize like in other online games. Make it re sizable, make it persistent with varying opacity, Put tabs on it to keep chat channels separate. Many of us like to be able to look back in the various chat channels and stay connected to clans, world chat, region chat, etc. This helps build community. Please do this asap.

2. Weapons and mods
The variety and balance is great but it is very unclear what is going on with inherent weapon bonuses and mods or even when to press R on what weapon for additional effect. Put tool tips or something. Total bonuses broken out and explained per mod and inherent. This MUST be done,

3. Selectable Avatars
We need a better way to interact with individuals we come across. The ability to click on someone and interact with a menu would be ideal. Group request, chat, inspection, etc, Nothing to complex.

4. Clan or Guild Housing and other
It would be great to see statistics on clans in and out of game. Having a housing feature (even as a reward plus cost) would be great for communal storage and a place to hang out. Something.

5. General Bank
Yes we need some limited storage. Also as you know places where you put a bank becomes a hang out spot and helps build community.

6. Arkhunter pre order bonus armor. (this is a personal request :) )
This was advertised as red. Please make it red.