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04-12-2013, 10:19 AM
Anyone have a preference to a particular weapon maker/brand in game? Either for functionality, variety of choices or design?

- VOT/Votan
- Frontier/FRC
- Von Bach Industries (VBI)

(Think I'm missing one...?)

I love the designs of the VOT/Votan weapons although for functionality, they're not the worst (are they without mods?) but they're not exactly as 'tight' and varied as some of the other human weapons (recoil on Blast Rifle for instance although I'm getting a handle on it; wanting to see more variety in ARs from them in general - burst, semi, etc. and the same with wanting to see a full-auto LMG). Same for the VBI designs which seem to be a nice balance in both looks and functionality. Can't say much for the EMC weapons as I think I haven't really touched them much outside of maybe the odd AR that I can't even remember using and maybe the occasional Shotgun if I'm not thinking of a FRC Shotgun instead.

Can't stand the worn/used/duct-taped look of the Frontier/FRC weapons though. I'd say the weapons surely get the job done but I'm not a fan of how they look (although I do keep them if they're worthwhile and I use them to go with my Outlaw/Waster look). I just picked up a Frontier/FRC BMG and just laughed at it. Opened a lock box and got a purple VBI BMG and without really comparing stats, made the switch. It's a petty knock against them I know.

Odd topic I guess.

04-13-2013, 05:09 AM
there is already mods that allow the change of a weapons fire functionality (burst/auto) the same varity you wish to see

just keep fishing around and you'll come across them

04-13-2013, 05:37 AM
I prefer VOT or VBI weapons. I don't have any exact reason on why, it's just what I like.