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04-13-2013, 07:44 AM
So, lately in my Defiance adventures, I have come first in damage in numerous arkfalls (a grand achievement, I'm sure you'll agree), i have smashed into invisible objects which are affected by lagging whilst driving and then become stuck, i have needed extraction from missions because i'm heavily out-numbered (which is infuriating, by the way), I've sighed whenever I see I'm still unknown with the various factions, sighed even louder when I see I'm doing repetitive missions for mods, shaken my head whenever cut-scenes don't load and then I get the loading screen which prompts me to log out, wondered why my character says nothing in every cutscene but manages to articulate that he's dying out here whenever he's coming close needing extraction, AND i've had the pleasure of doing a few side missions with two guys who wanted to indulge in the co-op experience. That was once.
So hard to get others involved or even to communicate with others. I understand that Defiance the game is still undergoing amendments and to use their words "growing pains", that's fine by me, but i hope my feedback will give them an inkling of what may require their attention.
I'm still hoping the developers remove that drill rig on the back of the miner's outfit. I honestly don't see the purpose for it being there. Yes, miner's use it but they don't carry them around.
Also, would it be so bad if they could allow amendments for character customization? This isn't Bioware's Mass Effect series where such liberties are withheld. If this was to happen, it would make Defiance stand out from other games where you can customize your character.
THanks for reading.