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04-13-2013, 08:34 AM
Let me preface this by saying I'm a PS3 user, which might color things a bit as I haven't much access a lot of MMO's since about the first Guild Wars. However, when I compare the last couple of weeks with a lot of releases - it might explain why I'm a fan of the game. At least tentatively, I'm definitely in the "needs improvement" camp.

But when I compare Defiance to similar games:

DC Universe Online
For me, this it the most direct comparison. Console based MMO, supposedly action based third person. I liked the beta, but an MMO has to really sell me to cough up a subscription (City of Heroes was the last) - and it didn't quite. When it got dropped to no-sub, I tried it out. And ugh - lag issues, the action was all about clicking and waiting for a timer, the missions were routine except for the few instance dungeons which were punctuated by the occasional insanity..

But that wasn't the real problem. In the time it had taken to go no-sub, DCUO was overrun with P2P veterans, and so wandering into the wrong section of town was just an invite to getting murdered. And there was no PUG anymore, which wasn't true with the beta. It reminded me of CoH, if everything about that game had gone wrong. DCUO was a valiant attempt, but ultimately a failed one.

The only other PS3 based MMO I can think of - a Sony title which was kinda OK but so kiddified in so many ways that I don't think I spent more than an afternoon with it.

Diablo III
Once D3 resolved the connectivity issues, it was pretty bug free and polished experience. Those connectivity issues were pretty brutal, and I think their long game mechanics were pretty broken ... but I did spend many hours on the game and had a great time with it. D3 also had some of the best PUG mechanics ever designed. Defiance has some of the worst.

Guild Wars
I went Mac several years ago - so I haven't played the sequel. But I was pretty big fan of the original. I loved the lack of subscriptions Decent PUG mechanics, even though I often had to swap out builds from my solo decks because many parties got annoyed unless you played the classes with the latest greatest strategies. If Defiance had at least some of the MMO features GW had, I think it would feel a lot more "social".

I would write out City of Heroes, but it is similar to the above - only I preferred GW in the end.

Skyrim / Fallout: New Vegas
Grouping a couple of Bethesda's latest here since those games could be called "MMO with the MMO". I'm generally a fan of these games, but it drives me nuts what a pass the media gives them when it comes to their absolutely dreadful QA. I don't think any Bethesda game released at least since they adopted Gamebyro has deserved more than a 7 due to the insane number of game breaking bugs they ship with.

Defiance has bugs, yeah, and some of them are serious - but none of them are as bad as the drek Bethesda lets walk right out the door.

I include this because it was the last "twitch" MMO I played. OMG, what a horrible experience. I had a guy who stalked me. Seriously, I don't know what I did to him - but whenever I was online, he come out of nowhere and just grief me until I logged out. Nothing I could do, sys admins didn't care. But that was immaterial compared to the level of griefing the game itself gave me. I mean once spawned as a wall. Not in a wall, as a wall. I had no body, I could move around the camera around to see people but eventually had to pull up the console and suicide since I could move around.

I hated Planetside so much I eventually got banned from the forums for complaining to and about their tech support. Getting banned from the forums locked me out of the game which thankfully was a reason to get a refund. There are few games I've hated more than Planetside.

Edit: Borderlands 1 / 2
It seems like these games should be a solid comparison - twitch based, RPG mechanics, co-op multiplayer. I'm a huge fan of the franchise, but I kinda see the two games as coming from completely opposite directions. Borderlands is a solo game with a coop mechanic, Defiance is a coop game with a bunch of solo mechanics. I had more fun in coop with B2, but mostly Borderlands is grouped into my family of shooters.

So comparatively speaking:

Defiance seems to have a much better start than DCUO, without any of the casual suck up that Realms had - follows the GW no subscription model (yay!) while suffering from some of the connectivity issues of D3 while offering none of its excellent PUG mechanics (boo). It has bugs, but nothing (imo) of the leviathan sized monsters that Bethesda games have had or (thank merciful jeebus) Planetside.

Hence for me the game is a "decent start, needs a lot of work. Come ask me again in a month".

04-13-2013, 08:36 AM
Err, Fallout/TES aren't MMO's...

EDIT: Nevermind, I now understand what you meant. :p

Also, yeah Guild Wars is my favorite MMO to date. Spent a lot of years on it. I had to give it up right before Guild Wars 2 came out though so I could have a life and focus on college. XD

04-13-2013, 08:39 AM
Comparisons are odious. That aside? You say very little about Defiance. Judge the game on its own merits at least.

04-13-2013, 08:41 AM
Guild Wars
I went Mac several years ago - so I haven't played the sequel..
GW2 supports Mac.

04-13-2013, 08:47 AM
GW2 supports Mac.

Had not noticed, will possibly check it out. It's mostly work hardware these days, so I usually keep the game installs to a min. Made an exception for D3, currently playing FTL.