View Full Version : Getting removed from co-op maps?

Kitten Mittons
04-14-2013, 03:08 PM
Ok, so I was trying to do Island of Lost Soldiers today (Need to kill that bug mommy in three minutes, dammit!), and the first time I went in, everything seemed to work well enough. Afterwards, it seemed like every time I joined a match, I would end up sitting around with the party AFTER they had just finished the boss. I decided to give it some time and try again in a few minutes.

I come back later, and the matching system gets me into a round as normal. But now, as I'm going through the mission, sometime in the first half of it the game suddenly prompts me with the "mission complete" window. It states that I've been awarded 5 key codes, yadda yadda, only I don't actually get the reward. Well, ok, fine, since I didn't really finish it anyway. So I try again, and this time I get a bit further into the mission, but the same thing happens again. Now I don't know if it ONLY Happened to me, or if it happened to the whole party, but after the third time I gave up.

What exactly is going on here? Has anyone else had this problem?


In the middle of a co-op mission, the game is randomly claiming that I've completed it and ejecting me from the match. Has this happened to anyone else? Do they know why? It's important to note that this has never happened to me in this mission or any other before today.

04-14-2013, 03:15 PM
I am having same issues as well