View Full Version : Change the way item statistics works?

04-14-2013, 04:58 PM
Every item I come across is very similar to the others in stats, it's very tiresome and it's not making the game any more exciting. Right now the only thing that differentiates the items from each other is their synergys and to be honest, none of the synergys are actually good...

Let me give an example, of all the EMC Service Rifles I come across 95% of them (or perhaps more) do the same damage (229) and it does not matter if the item is gray, green, blue or even legendary... seriously? This applies to all the weapons, so what it comes down to is what type of firing mechanism your weapon will have.

I could have sticked with my starting tutorial weapon if I wanted, kept it and attached 4 mods slots to it and it would have been just as good as my legendary EMC Service Rifle. I don't even look at the stats when I'm selling items anymore. I really hope Trion can put some RNG's on weapons damage statistics instead of giving us a hoard of different rifle with same damage but just different firing mechanisms. Sure one could argue that each weapon over green quality is worth looking at, i.e weapon attributes like 0.10+ accuracy but that really does not change anything dramatically in your gameplay at all, nothing you really would notice.. It's just something nice to have.

Anyway I hope you guys understand what I'm trying to get at here and I really would like you to hear what you guys think about the games current weapon statistics system.