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04-14-2013, 05:59 PM
1. Why does my party keep breaking when I'm trying to do the main missions together with my brother? Isn't this an MMO? :mad:

2. Why does Arkfall enemies not grant weapon experience? Aren't we arkfall hunters? :confused:

3. Why is the price between lockbox 3 and lockbox 4 so strange? LB3 is 250 bits or 24 keycodes. LB4 is 400 bits or 64 keycodes. The price variation means that either LB3 with bits is bad, or that LB4 with keycodes is bad. :confused:

4. Why do lockboxes drop shields or grenades? We can get those from Arkfalls if we want them, thank you very much. :mad:

5. Why can't you do race challenges in the challenger?

6. Why does some weapons have nano effects on their shots but some only have it when using melee?

7. How much is +3% more chance to drop items? Assuming the base drop chance is 5%, is the total 8% or 5.15%?

8. Why is Arkfall almost always hellbugs instead of scraper. Also, any plans for raider/99/dark matter arkfall?

9. Does kills by explosions only count grenade kills, or also includes explosive guns? (For the overchange perks.)

10. Does couching and not moving also count as standing still? (For the decoy perks)


04-14-2013, 07:56 PM
Up .