View Full Version : Is per-Weapon XP just a way to get people to buy bag space?

04-15-2013, 12:58 PM
I can not help but notice that bag space in this game is VERY limited so much so that even very early on in the game (sub 200) you are forced to go back to sell almost every mission.

Then when you start maxing out your favorite weapon (Something you will do, because there are almost no weapon upgrades in this game) you are forced into using a 2nd weapon to get the skill up.

Now you are forced to carry at least 4 weapons (2 copies of whatever main and 2nd weapons you like) and much more likely 2 copies of most of the major weapon groups as you try to level them up.

Do we EVER get some ingame way of upgrading our bag space without spending more money? Or should we just admit that this "micro-transaction" cost is part of the base cost of playing the game?

04-15-2013, 01:07 PM
Maybe I am doing it wrong, but I never "go back to sell" I open my inventory and convert to bits (so I can by keys later).

I carry my two copies of my primary and secondary weapon, the one I am going to keep, and the one I am leveling. Ocassionally I will find a thrid and hang on to it if I'm about to max out my current leveling weapon.

The only thing really taking up space is weapon mods. I sell about 90% of those.

So I they are trying to sell inventory slots, they need to have more legendary weapons and mods drop, because that is about the only thing I'd want cluttering up my inventory. Or they could use a paperdoll inventory like Diablo, where those rocket launchers and LMG's take up a lot of space.