View Full Version : The Progression System

04-15-2013, 03:11 PM
So, I'd like to see an intelligent discussion on the progression system that's in place on Defiance. I know there are already 100s of posts either flaming or saying how awesome it is. In most of these threads I see very generalized arguments ("Go back to WoW" or "It sucks, change it, or I'll quit"). Obviously, there is not must discussion there to be had. Looking the progression as it is, what changes do you think would be reasonable to be made that would improve your experience?

Also, if anyone is a stupid high ego level already, could you please let us know how much better the guns actually get after grinding this game to shreds.

PS: I already know someone will immediately post "Go back to wow, this game sucks, I'm quitting". Please troll harder. That way I at least get some enjoyment out of your trolling attempt.