View Full Version : Trion Suggestion: Known Issues Documentation

04-16-2013, 09:47 AM
If there known issues document on the support site I can't find it. If there is then point me in the right direction and ignore the rest of this post

I played another MMO that maintained a document listing all the known issues with the current public version of the game. This was not maintained by the devs or the community staff (although I'm sure they has some hand in it) it was done by the support/customer service staff. It listed all the issues that players were reporting that they could verify themselves or by checking with other staff. Hotshot Dam Defense missing from the game is a good example of what would be in the document.

When ever I ran into an issue in the game 99.9% of the time the issue was already in the document. I knew that the developer was aware of the issue and would be fixed eventually. This document NEVER had any dates of when bugs would be fixed. The only date on it was the last modified date so you knew how current the document was.

Many MMO players know and even expect there to be issues with games even years after release. Giving the players the ability to check a list of known issues before contacting support or posting on the forums can reduce a lot of the frustration on both sides. Players know Trion is aware of the issue and Trion doesn't have to repeat themselves as much.

Pinning a link to this document as a sticky on the General Discussion forums would be great. Use the same document for all platforms and just list the difference where they apply. Maintaining a separate document for each platform would be a bad idea. One link to rule them all instead of 3 different links to keep track of. You never have to ask the player what platform.

Now I'm sure there will be plenty of players who will post first and not even try to look it up but you can't do much for them. You can't help them unless they want to help themselves.

Just a suggestion.

Enjoying the game and the show. Keep it up.