View Full Version : How long until the Nerf but never forget your the first

PJ Travis
04-16-2013, 12:37 PM
Well the patch is busy downloading 12 minutes and counting I have had time to look at the patch notes in detail (yes saw it on the forum as well) but wanted to add my voice now. Have been lucky with playing time and server issues , so for you that have suffered please keep trying we need you.

But on to the reason.

The balancing has begun and reminds me of World of Warcraft (WOW). And the NERF post which I am sure have already started which is what this game and this community will no doubt become i hope for a brief time only. And many of the posts I have read currently are sometimes silly and stupid and even bloody maddening. Many are born out of frustration and as anyone in programming or IT in many ways will tell you. Their is always people expecting it to be better, faster, or just let me the hell in (download done but not getting in yet 45 mins). So please treat each other with the best of what you can offer, both good and bad. as we are all needed not just at times of ark fall. Because Trion are listening and they have created this world for us and now they have to listen to all the good bad and down right dumb of us all, That our right as customers.

But never forget.

AND WE ARE HERE AT THE START. But we are also being listened too so the rest will come, don't believe me trying playing the old Simon game for more than 10 minutes without wanting to break it in to a million pieces. And you will realise we have come a long way in a very short time.

This could and should be a game to be part of, we have an amazing chance to help shape a new world which if done well, will also be mirrored on TV. "How mad is that" (UK saying).

Which by rights could or should be bigger or if not at least as big as WOW. (Don't believe me you watch out for a Cartoon Network "WOW" coming to you soon!!).

So my advise

"Don't hate the Player hate the Game, The game is listenin"

P.S. yep grammar is bad but I'm a Arch hunter not a poet ;)

P.P.S if its a spelling mistake blame the fruit computer company