View Full Version : Clan issues post patch

04-16-2013, 02:07 PM
I just got back into game, and was trying to add a new recruit to the clan, my clan menu in social doesn't come up and I get no options to add them when I go to their name.. I tried find player clan invite, but it isn't received, anyone else having issues?

Also I can't see any other persons names :s

04-16-2013, 02:32 PM
The problem seems to come and go ... there is usually a way around it though.
first file a bug report ingame.
1] verify your not being jerked around by someone already in a clan by using the "inspect player" feature (if its working)
2] Promote another clan member to officer status and ask them to do the invite.
3] if this is also failing this try again in a couple of days.

04-16-2013, 02:45 PM
Also, we dont have our clan boosts anymore, which were very recently purchased. Another thing is our clan name no longer appears under our ingame name, and in the right menu it no longer shows 'clan'. Just has 'Group', 'Friends', 'Find Player', etc.