View Full Version : Was this patch a little of a let down for anyone else?

04-16-2013, 06:53 PM
This thread isn't one of those "I'm pissed, I want a refund.." threads. I'm just feeling slightly let down by this first patch. A lot of the things promised in the patch notes weren't delivered upon in my opinion. I at least though we were gonna see some episode 2 missions and not just pursuits as well. I'm thinking I may go grab Injustice and give this game a break until the second major patch and see what happens there. I still have some high hopes for this game as its core concept is a blast for me, but with this patch not delivering like quite a few of us thought it would, its kind of disheartening.

Also I think they should lay off the balancing issues and put their manpower towards bugs (vehicles resetting) and returning some of the content (such as cronkite) and pursuits to us.

Im not giving up on this game just yet, Ill probably at least wait to make that determination until I see what the first DLC has to offer us before I trade it in.

One more thing where is our fearless forum leader at to usher us through these disheartening times. Am I mistaken when saying that his sole job is Community Manager? So shouldn't he be here letting us know exactly what is going on. I'm pretty sure the excuse that hes busy trying to fix the game doesnt work as he's the community manager and not a programmer...

Just my 2 cents...

04-16-2013, 06:54 PM
Your two cents are not enough to get me to read this.

04-16-2013, 07:02 PM
i agree with everything you have stated! i bought the game a week ago when i found about it and played non stop.i focused on the main story and episode missions,and barely finished them all before the episode showed last night.so today i download a patch then sit here for 3 hours before they go live. ive played alot of mmos at launch so i wasnt to butthurt about it and was still pretty excited to log in when i could.When i saw no new main story or atleast no new episode missions i was extremely let down.i still did my dailies and a few ark falls. But i am a lore ***** and i wanted to be a part of this defiance experience to see how well the story and game played together. today i was showed that outside of knowing where a crystal came from that was in the show for like 5 seconds there was zero tie in.and next week when the show comes out i wont know anything more than i do now. that is not what i signed up for and it was not what i was led to believe would be the case. i will definitely keep playing but i am no longer singing the praises of defiance to my gamer buddies...i feel kinda jipped