View Full Version : Keycode advice for players and suggestions for Trion

04-17-2013, 07:18 AM
I'm really enjoying the game even with the random minor bugs.

Now for the real reason I'm here... To offer advice to the people that are upset about the "nerfing" of keycodes from emergencies. There are other ways to get them without them being handed to you on a silver platter.

1) Co-op Instances - When you finish a co-op map you get keys, xp and money. You also can loot weapons to scrap (see below)

2) Scrap (green currency) - you can buy keys from lockboxes for 1000 scrap. You can break items down for scrap. White items give you 250, green 500, blue 750 and purple 1000 ( never broke down a purple so guess on that one).

3) Dynamic Events (i think this is what they are called) - did one last night (after the patch) and got 3 per completion. As soon as it was over I'd leave the area and come right back and it would reset.

4) Side quest - I did a side quest last night and was awarded xp, scrip and 2 keys. So I'm sure there are others out there.

5) pursuits - I didn't go thru them all but I noticed one last night that gives you 8.

6) PvP - you get awarded keys at the end of a PvP match (at least you did pre-patch, haven't had time to PvP after the patch)

7) Arkfalls -

Just play the game and have fun... The keys will come.

Now on to Trion

I understand the nerfing of the keys from emergencies, I just disagree with taking them out all together. I feel you should get 1 for completing the emergency. You can even make the respawn timer longer or even random ( like having only 15 active any one time randomly spawned around the entire world. It will make them special.and worth stopping for.

Sorry if there are errors in here... Typed it on my phone. Hope some of this info helped.