View Full Version : Where is the patch that fixes real issues?

04-17-2013, 01:36 PM
Tried the patch last night, game felt the same. Bugs around every corner (not hellbugs either)
Right away tried to get with my group and Queue for Shadow Wars - failed (even though we can get into shadow wars individually - you cant get in with your friends - nice). After being forced to play small scale, i could obviously see the weapon balance didnt change (where is extra pistol ammo? infector range nerf hardly slows them down.. and shotguns nerfed? please)
Also, where is the 16 on 16 map Trion? oh not fixed either? thanks :)
Chat system still seemed borked - stopped there - just logged off in disappointment again.
So what now? do we have to wait until next Tuesday for a freaking patch? You know, when its convenient to patch in episode content and not fix any real issues still?