View Full Version : Defiance Coverage

03-16-2013, 06:42 PM
Unless I've completely missed it, there's only been a few groups here and there ready to put out some consistent coverage of Defiance right before/after launch. I've been wanting to do/try this for a while, and I feel as though Defiance is a great way to start off! Anyone looking for a place to come and watch montages of pure Defiance PvP? No? How about weekly updates on Defiance's ever changing world? Still No? Well then, I'm sure you wouldn't mind some guides on PvE specs/builds, PvE boss encounters, PvE dungeon speed runs, as well as just about anything PvE! No?! Really?? Alright, How about PvE/PvP Funny/Random moment clips put together just for you get a smile out of? In short, I am pretty set with the goal of putting out Defiance videos/montages/clips/guides for your enjoyment in the near future. I love entertaining people, whether it be to inform and make you better, pump you up, put a smile on your face, and/or just leave you all around satisfied! Let me know if this even sounds a little appealing to you, or if it sounds like something you'd pass up! I'm looking forward to Defiance and can't wait to meet and see some of you there!