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The Catherder
03-17-2013, 01:00 AM
First time to MMO, and have been told my best chance at learning is to join a clan/guild. This is my application/resume

Back in the '70s I played a lot of D&D, have played War Craft & Star craft off line. In D&D terms i am neutral/good to chaotic/good, very loyal to my friends but a relentless foe to those not my friends. In real life I am a 28 year vetran of the Navy, with training in .45 Cal, 12 Ga riot gun, BAR, M60 and .50 Cal machine guns. If this sounds like someone you would like to have in your clan/guild, I may not know anything, but i am teachable. Looks like I can't spell either. :D

03-17-2013, 07:20 AM
What type of experience are you looking for? More interested in PVE or PVP? (or maybe both) Looking for a RP guild? Are you after a more casual or hardcore experience?

Also What brings you to Defiance?

The Catherder
03-18-2013, 07:12 PM
Not having any online experience I am not sure which direction to go. Although I am more of a team player than a lone wolf. I need a clan/guild that is willing to teach me how the game is played.

The TV series/game connection got my interest, besides an old man need to try something new every now and then.

03-18-2013, 07:17 PM
How many people can you have exactly in ur clan :confused:

03-18-2013, 09:36 PM
As an MMO vet, I'd give you this advice. Don't join a Guild Pre-launch. Start playing and just be friendly with others. Don't be shy in starting groups to do things. Be it joining up to do a quest or just run around an area a kill mobs. Answer other peoples questions if you can, feel free to ask questions. Take converstations to tells/whisper etc... (These are instant messages sent from one player to another that only those two players see) General chat goes to the entire zone, in other words a crap ton of people. Also at launch there tends to be a lot of people in the same areas as initially the hoard of people are progressing at the same rate time etc...

After you've played for a bit you'll have a better idea of what kind of playstyle you have and are looking for. Plus at this point you might even just get recruited/invited to a guild/clan etc.. Also as your grouping with people add them to your friends list (or whatever the equivalent is, usually you can put down a not about them to help you remember how/where you met them). It will also most likely let you know when others are online so you can play with them...

Another good rule of thumb for an MMO rookie.. download and set up: Vent, Mumble, and Teamspeak... A lot of people use different chat clients and it's nice to have the technical kinks worked out before you're in game...

Welcome to the world of MMOs, it's a fun place to be.

03-18-2013, 11:03 PM
If you are set on joining a guild I would look for a Casual PVE guild. They generally have a decent size player base and the players are mostly just looking to have some fun. It can get frustrating sometimes trying to get help or finding people to play with in General chat. Being in a guild can alleviate some of that.

03-19-2013, 05:16 AM
I find Team-speak not giving an EXE but a Zip file a bit annoying when working out the Technical parts, I tend to stick to Vent or Skype or even Steam if I have to. Or you could use mumble. A lot of people don't like Skype because you have to add people to the call and if the person who made the call disconnects the connection does not jump to the others. And people with Skype are not use to setting up push to talk to allow or prevent themselves from talking over others and stuff. But the same could be said of the others, I found that most of the Swotor players tend to use Team-speak but many players on many games shift from chat programs.

I even enjoy Raid Call more then many other chat programs that can be used and its far easier to setup its free to make groups and then you can set them up like you would Team-speak or Vent with little or no issue, and has better or higher chat quality then I have experienced with Vent Team-speak in the past or mumble. As for the other info, one of the others are right just make friends, often times even when in guilds. The only people you can trust are often the people you met outside of the guild before anyone guilds, because by playing with them interacting and so on. You build loyalty or so I have found, and I have always found the people you either focus on or play with the most or have a thing for loyalty in that sense. Or being open to do what you do or with you or what have you tends to be some of the better experiences on the whole.

I had been in a long or large number of guilds over the course of SWTOR, guilds some lie. Games that limit the number of players that can take part to 8 or 10 or 15 or 20 or whatever system it uses to control raid numbers in content tend to be the guilds or issues when you meet politics. That is why it is good the end game content is ARKFALLS and world event, I just wonder how it works if your not grouped up. In SWTOR if your not grouped up for world bosses you get nothing, same in World of Warcraft.

But they made it sound like everyone is able to take part without issue or problem when it comes to world events, I would say find a person next to you when you start and send them a message. If you like how their character looks or something, some of the most interesting conversions I ever had with other players often started with a conversion on their creation picks. Someone made a pure white Taurn bull once, and more then a half a year to a year later. I ran into him again and started talking to him because I noticed his creation choice and we picked up where we had last talked and I bought some resources off him that he had and helped him pay for his flying mount, and helped him finish off one of the zones he was working on the quests on so he had some more gold, during the Burning Crusade. I guess the point is, make a friend. Sometimes its easier then others depending on world events or other things. It could be you save a person time and time again, well leveling without them realizing it just because of your timing and then you comment on it and you made a friend.

General chat tends to lead to Barren chat behavior, large cities or places with large gathering locations tend to end up with a lot of chatting. This can slow down progress, but at times is stress relief as well. The random chatting picked up on Swotor right before it went free to play, which was a bit upsetting and the stations always had constant chatter, guilds that would feud with one and other. An in game group often takes on a personality, and each server or game has a different personality. Swotor started out mature and moved slowly over time into a less mature group. The Horde on most servers tended to be more mature then the alliance, so it really does come down to many things, including how the server or player balance and play balances. Since we don't have two factions, this game is a bit less able to make faction side claims like you could in other MMO's in the end most of the mature players on the server I played on moved to the Darkside, because we just wanted something to do and wanted to feel good about killing people. Because people rebel side got annoying, I never played actively on the alliance in wow, I made a few characters I used to test markets and economy to see what I could do in as little time as possible sometime ago.

The matter to consider is the start class, they start with different weapons, I am unsure if your locked into these weapon picks or not. But it affects how you will interact at least in the start how you interact with others and the environment, But it is possible the ego bonuses or abilities are different a bit between classes or any number of things that we have not seen or been shown.

You also have to deside if you want to look at the back side of a male character or female, after years of playing MMO's I can tell you my first character tends to be a female now, because I grew tired of a undead guys back side or a Tauren after all these years. So there is a lot to consider, but in this game thankfully its less then you have to consider in other games. I also wonder if your playing an Ark Hunter or Military if it affects the story, and if so it would help increase the reason to play more then one character at least, but if each class in fact has different stories even if they have some of the same quests it would or could be worth it. I mean I can't tell you how many times I did the same quests in Old Republic but it happen a few times, same with Wow, I did the same quests three or four times, for different characters to 70, not to 80 but that is besides the point I got two to 80 and one to 78 before I quit. I leveled them based on the item requirements I had and what I would need.

This game will not have crafting as far as I know, so you don't have to worry about that as well. Point is all games have different systems and you have to take a look at how you can interact and then move forward. I mean I was making 1 million credits or so every 3 days or so in Old Republic because of the number of max characters I had the resources and crafting skills I had. And the things I could make and sell, so it really is up to what you know or how you work the environment. I made friends with a guy who transferred to my server with the server transfers because he had some of the same grind locations I had.

All games have different things, but in most games if they have an auction house if you can find a location with a decent drop rate chances are you will grind or camp some spots to get things to sell just because you like to sell them if that is your deal, I use to make 800 plus gold during Burning Crusade in Wow a week. Off things I sold, which back then was considered pretty good for semi active auction house activity, most of it things I found or crafted. Heck with Wrath of the Lich King I use to burn through crafted cloth items for enchant mats like crazy when the items them selves had been valued at between 175 and 300 gold. But I needed the enchant mats for my enchanting and so on. And I could have sold the cloth for far more to allow someone else to level their tailoring and enchanting if I really wanted too.

It all comes down to how you wish to play man and meeting people who can or might give you tips on how to improve, which is done by playing.

03-25-2013, 07:33 PM
Saw you were looking for a clan...
I think you would really like our little community ;)

good luck whatever you decide :)

03-26-2013, 07:55 AM
If you are looking for some friends to hang out with while you learn the game, I invite you to check out The Hammerfist Clan. We are a community of adult gamers with jobs/family/responsibilities and understand that real life has to come first sometimes. We've got a lot of veteran gamers who love sharing the experience with new players and showing them the ropes while laughing and having a great time. You can click the link in my signature to visit our forums and check us our, or feel free to send me a PM if you have specific questions.

See you at the Arkfall!