View Full Version : Conspiracy?

04-17-2013, 07:38 PM
So im trying to do the episode 1:armistice peacekeeper pursuit... i have everything completed except the "protect pilgrins from raiders near Madera or Sausalito. i have spent at least 6-8 hours driving around and found nothing. my friend has run into them at least 4 times and it always happens to be right after or very soon after i log off. i was lucky enough to be on and searching while he was helping. He found the of course so i hit the go to friend button. The mythical event showed its face for 3 seconds before vanishing before my eyes. Okay so now i know it exist and where it might be likely found. another 4 hours of waiting and driving around doing other emergencies and still no respawn. i searched on youtube to watch someone else do it... the video plays a little bit then freezes.. i hit reset and does the same thing.. yet every other youtube video plays properly this 1 will not. im convinced that im not aloud to participate in this emergency or see it be done. is this just a coincidence? A conspiracy perhaps? im even willing to except the option of dark magic cuz it doesnt make sense!!!! your thoughts and tips are appreciated.