View Full Version : My Letter To Sledgehammer

04-18-2013, 09:35 PM
15 Second Read. [Collision Possibility]

I know you're busy...

15 Seconds

But do you think in your next "Meeting" with "the guys", you could lean over to "Dudes Name that could answer The Question", and ask this:

"Dude", could we only turn on collisions on vehicles that are within the same group??? Have collision values set to no damage... And the collision shuts off as they leave the group?

You know how many smiles you would get out of any given group if they could do that? A lot. Like # of stars a lot.

No need to answer this really, just putting a seed in the hand of a brain-farmer...

Now, go plant that seed in "Dudes Name" 's brain, and tell him to make the world of Paradise happy.... Then go get a beer.

Good Job on your hard work. Hope you stay as sane as possible.

(Kyle Million)