View Full Version : List Of PS3 Bugs/Glitches/Issues I've Ran Into. Post Your List.

04-19-2013, 03:47 AM
Not sure if there is a thread around here. I was going to make this in the suggestion thread but meh, just post your list if bugs/glitches and issues and ill get a Mod to move it if it needs to be moved. Here is a list of problems i ran into for the PS3 version

- Weapons Disappear (Temp work around - when modding a gun, keep it on the screen and wait for the 10 mins to finish and then equip the weapon before doing any more modding)

- Phasing with party members (Temp work around - If you try and join a phase and can't. Just leave the party and have the leader reinvite you again. Sometimes go to friend will make it work but not always)

- Voice chat and Coop Voice chat not working or just stops working for no reason at all

- Missions and side quests bugging out (Temp work around - If you run into a quest that is glitched out, just log out and log back in or abandon the quest and re-take it again.)

- Some mods will show blank info

- Weapons from vendors will show 0 base dmg

- Explosion 101 will not sometimes spawn the Tanker boss

- Some Emergencies will not spawn right

- The Helmet for completing Explosion 101 pursuit list is bugged and shows your character bald.

- Car Has No Gas (Will not move after spawning it)

- Getting stuck in Mid-Air if you log out near or in EMC Base Camp.

Post your problems and ill add them to mine.

Oops i just noticed the bug/tech support section on the forum. My bad.

04-19-2013, 05:07 AM
A lot of the same ones you're having. Had one particularly bad glitch at the EMC Base Camp. I logged out the night before and when I logged in again I was literally floating in mid air. The game kept saying I had left the field of play and would reload the location but it never put me back on the ground. That went on for about 20 minutes before I turned it off. Next time I logged in everything was fine. I have also glitched into the environment several times which also required a restart.

Shinji Ex
04-19-2013, 05:33 AM
My vehicle sometimes has no gas i.e. can't drive vehicle after spawning it

04-19-2013, 05:55 AM
-atleast half of the missions are glitched
-group invites not working
-framerates dropping in begining areas
-vehicle stats reset
-mp invicibility/immortality glitch
-exiting vehicle and getting stuck on object
-other people outfits dissapearing and character models showing as default
- +20 pursuits with counters reseting
-invicible enemies shooting out of nowhere
-enemies dissapearing randomly
-wrong loot colors on drops
-ladder glitches
-decoy inside object glitches
-falling through map
-immortal enemies
-slow ui
-getting stuck on loading screens
-multiple things causing freezes
-graphical glitches
-not being able to use vendors
-not being able to interact with objects
-ammo dissapearing on reload
-last perk slot unenquimping
-not having vehicle in restart race
-restarting challenges resulting in infite loading screen
-extraction point not updating
-cannot see others in coop while others see me
-driving under water
-flying vehicles
-vehicle graphic error
-server timeouts
-contracts reseting
-gun being invicible
-screen turning black
-super jump glitches
-getting stuck on cutscenes
-datarecorders not registering
-objective not updating
-map dissapearing
-world and map dissapearing and falling down to water
-water drowning screen appearing on land
-being able to access unavailable areas
-bmg being visible in cloak
-over stocking ammo limit
-auto revive upon death
-ai voices freezing and returning later
-multiple ammo crates which dissapear upon touching
-running animation while standing still
-ladder animation while running
-swimming animation while running
-enemies freezing

well you get the idea and i got bored, there just too much to list