View Full Version : Here are my thoughts on Defiance

04-19-2013, 08:26 AM
To anyone who cares about of others opinions, that is.

This game is...short... aside from a 6 hour story line, and couple hours of side missions, there is absolutely nothing to do in the game. The rampage and time trials are boring, with no rewards what so ever. Arkfalls on the other hand, are fun, give you money, xp, and those rocks whatever they're called, I forgot. And that's about it for the game.
I'm sorry, but random events do not make a game fun. Even exploration is limited, there are invisible wall all over the place, even in the middle of the map. Tons of walls in the beginning area, which is a shame, because that area has some awesome scenery and great landscapes. The world itself seems kinda small, and face it, no one plays in San Fran unless it's mission related.
Competitive Multiplayer is boooooriiiing, it's a generic tps deathmatches basically. Co-op is fun, but with only a handfull of missions, it gets old fast.
Weapons. Ok, so I have spent hundreds upon hundreds of those ark stones at the "random" drop box, and half of the weapons I get are the SAME!!!! It's impossible to get a rare weapon from missions or drops, so "farming" is usless, the only farming you do in this game is for the green stuff and those stones, so basically you rescue the same guy over and over and over and over, there isn't even variety of random events, they are all absolutely the same. Why can't we get weapons that deal more damage the further we progress with our ego? To balance multiplayer? As I have seen people post. Simple solution - it is in the multiplayer hub, it's called Matchmaking, which means it should match you up with people of same skill level as you.
In-game challenges and contracts. This is acceptable, though I wish there was a way to accept contracts manually.
I know there are expansions and add-on s coming, but come on, for an MMO-ish game there needs to be...hell, even more variety of outfits and vehicles. For completing special things, like...**** I dunno, complete 20 sidequests for a headgear...something.... There needs to be more rewards in this game. Ok ok, forget the random box drops, and how rare they are, I am glad they are that rare, gives you a sense of accomplishment when you actually do get one.
I know I am all over the place, going back and forth between topics, but they should have put more time into this game and didn't rush it in time for the show premier.
I only have Nim to defeat, and then the game is over for me. All sidequests are complete, all co-op is done, multiplayer has a few hours of my life.
Bottom line, add more rewarding experience to the game. Add more outfits, more vehicles, do something with clans, add missions that absolutely require team work and skill to complete for a rare drop.

I paid $100 for this game, and not even two weeks later, I have done everything (that I feel) that this game had to offer. Not good, you guys, not good.