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04-19-2013, 08:47 AM
just few words.

if you dont want to play... leave, shut up and leave.

if you want to play and you want this game to be better, report issues, errors ect and give devs time to fix it, if you have an idea ? say it, but dont try to change game to be another clone of existing games.

problem with ppl is when everything is on silver plate... most games MMO are stable for few years, Defiance is new so it need to be polished, can you understand this ?

it depends not only from devs but also from players, i rememebr WoWs first days i rember Warhammers first days, i rember SW first days Lineage ect... each of them had a lot of bugs and a lot patient ppl trying to help and enjoying what they have.

sometimes game isnt for you, so stop complaining and go back to other game, its easy and you dont need to be a troll complaining everything. or go satisfy you wife or stop trolling because you kid hates you... i can understand that you may have a better days and worse days, but FFS if you dont want to help, at least dont say anything.

i wish you a good day and sunny weekend :) go outside take sunbath, take a walk or play football / soccer whatevah, and then back and think what are you doing here on forum or in game if you dont like it...