View Full Version : Questions about shadow wars? please help

04-20-2013, 11:41 AM
I am trying to do the episode 2 pursuit that requires me to win a shadow war but can never seem to find or join one.
What I need to know is: is there is set time that they appear? Or is there a way to trigger them? Is there is a set time when is it?

04-20-2013, 11:47 AM
like other PvP items in game its all about how many people want to do it all you can do is queue up and wait

04-20-2013, 11:52 AM
Use the quick match. You'll need to try off and on as there aren'talways slots open or matches running. Seems to just die from time to time too.

04-20-2013, 12:47 PM
Whenever I hit shadow war quick match it says matchmaking failed moatch no longer exsist

04-20-2013, 12:52 PM
Figured it out it won't let me que up for shadow war while in a group, can someone tell me if theve added in capture and hold pvp yet because the shadow war doesn't seem to count towards it.

04-20-2013, 01:28 PM
no capture and hold isn't implemented yet. though I imagine by the time we get the patch
it should be up and running (I Hope)
simply go to matchmaking (directional pad to the right) and select Shadow War and after a few seconds it will tell you the Queue
size and that will tell you how long a wait it will be.
I just set it and go do missions/side quests etc. until it's ready to start.

04-20-2013, 01:59 PM
Yea my problem was I was always in a group and for some reason it won't let you que up when you are in a group

04-20-2013, 02:55 PM
That's a known bug, yeah.