View Full Version : Must I be spammed about Ego 250 every zoning?

04-21-2013, 05:55 PM
Every time I zone, fast travel, etc.
I get spammed about hitting Ego 250, currently 327. And also informed about unlocking a new Co-op map.
I did 250 and the map last night. A whole 24 hours later and playing today a good 6 hours, I still get spammed.
Also I finally decide to try some matchmaking. ive been disconnected countless times from competitive.
shadow wars is rigged to "lose" when you win and coop I tried explosives 101 and had to join/leave about 6 times before it actually triggered properly.. to which I got hit with an explosion and stuck in a wall.
Sadly you cant outright unequip gear, so I had to put the weakest shield i had and turn off all my perks to grenade myself to force an extraction.
Beta test much?