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Fun Gus
04-22-2013, 08:39 AM
i don't think this is said enough defiance is a good game and i am addicted. you all nit pick every little gripe about "well if i made it it would be like this and better" it is a great plan for level system.

i have seen alot of people VERY pissed some EGO 100 killed them when "I AM !@&^ING 1200+ AND SOM NUB JUST KILLED ME LIKE WE WHERE EQUALS!" i frankly LOVE this you can walk back to the kinship plaza and get an actal challenge from a large ambush of mutants none of this run back to n00b town and demolish everything to look cool

i picked up the game some days after launch i knew i would be addicted ...this past patch ...what ever they tried to do with emergencies so they are EVERYWHERE and respawn ontop of eachother and on you as soon as you finish one is annoying ...you had it right befor the 16th patch just remove keys and we would be good

while doing PvE everything was nice ...i hear ALOT of whining about PvP and that that is what lead to the nerfing of infectors when they were fine PvE. i hate nerfs ...let me say this again I HATE NERFS! Many Many Many Many games i have played ruined them selves and killed their game with nerfs. DONT GIVE IN! reballence effect on player or PvP settings DONT go down the road of Nerfs ...it only leads to more and more gripes and loosing your fan base that dont whine on the forums.

over all you had the game fairly well on track for the first 13day segment and i know the time table of the show forces you to stack new with bugs and complaints but you are doing well ...just keep going and you definatly have more than a few of us that are going to play Defiance for a long time to come!

~TY & have a nice day

04-22-2013, 08:51 AM
Exactly some people do not understand yeah i might be EGO ranked 2k+ but if i'm being stupid about it I can still get my butt owned by the Mutants in Mt. Tam.

Gear =/= Skill
Skill = Skill

If you have skill then killing mobs without dying tends to be easy.
If you don't have skill then dying from mobs can be frustrating.

The game is fun and was built this way not to mention PvP where even Joe noob can beat the snot out of Mr. No life epic gear.

04-22-2013, 08:54 AM
Yeah I wish I had more time to play this game, it is very addicting and a lot of fun. I have mainly been playing PvE and have been having too much fun to complain about the small things. I played one round of PvP but found it very enjoyable, I think they did the right thing by making the leveling and weapons tie into MP fairly. I like being able to use my exact classes for PvP.

04-22-2013, 09:29 AM
I actually love this game for this very reason. In most games that I have tried, I actually play the storyline and enjoy it (as opposed to space-barring through every conversation). When I get to the end of the storyline/max level, I tend to look around for raiding. That is typically where my enjoyment of the game ends. Apparently, since I was not in the game within the first few days of its release, I do not have the gear to raid. I am often picked up on a team, inspected, then dropped from the team.

This game is different. It actually utilizes your twitch response rather than anything you have to grind to find. Heck, even with grinding, you are liable to find absolute shtako anyways. I have been waiting for a game that utilized this very model for its base. Even with the Perks that you will likely unlock by level 5000, it doesn't give you much of a boost unless you can actually aim and target the bad guys.

Unfortunately, this is where the hack mods get me a little down. The fact that I could PvP and actually win against a team was cool. Up until I saw one guy firing a pistol rapid-fire, with unlimited ammo, in a shotgun spread, at a sniper rifle range, and each round exploded on impact, and does 5,000 damage. Or the guy who one-shot kills everything, including Monarchs and Matriarchs.

04-22-2013, 09:33 AM
I love not being able to finish Defiances end game content (Pursuits, LOL )