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04-22-2013, 09:58 AM
Check it out and tell me what you think. :cool:


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wait I have to go somewhere else??

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wait I have to go somewhere else??

Too true.
Somebody has never heard of copy and paste.

To the OP;
Sorry bro.
I only care what I think about Defiance.
Everybody else's opinion is irrelevant.

Jack The Bear
04-22-2013, 01:42 PM
Defiance is another game made by the stellar company Trion Worlds. Trion worlds is one of the few companies that I have seen that actually listens to feedback and adds it into their games, plus they continue to put content into their games; just look at their MMO flag ship RIFT. They made the game on three platforms which is difficult on its own. Defiance comes on XBOX, PS3 and PC. You can defiantly tell the game favored consoles, because using the UI on PC feels awkward unless you have a game controller.

So let’s talk about the three best parts to Defiance. The game is a Shooter first and foremost. There are a numerous guns with lots of different effects. The best part is that you can modify the guns to add effects, like add a scope to increase accuracy etc. I found myself running around picking up guns and just moding them for fun. I defiantly think this is a great system they put in. The weapons sound and feel right as well as their being numerous types of guns from a sawed off shotgun to a rocket launcher to a SMG etc. One gun in particular I have never seen in a game is the infector, it shoots spores on the target and the spores eventually burst and make little bugs that attack the target. Spore WeponNow with a traditional MMO, gamers are usually stuck in a class and can only use certain weapon types, but in Defiance there is no class system. This means that “all the guns are belong to us”. We can just equip the weapon and it starts to work. Another aspect is the more we use a weapon, the better we get with it. We get weapon skill levels. Every level we get in a type of weapon unlocks a bonus like -1% reload or +1 mag size, also the weapon itself has XP bar. When the weapon gets full XP it gets a random bonus, which sometimes can make the weapon uber, just note that when the weapon reaches max XP you need to switch the weapon to continue to get weapon skill XP. It’s weird I know and maybe they will change that design decision.

Another bonus is the EGO system. The traditional level 1-60 etc. is not present. What you get is instead EGO levels. Every 10 EGO levels give you 1 EGO point. You spend EGO points on perks that make your character stronger; it’s pretty much a skill tree. There are 4 overall EGO types. A nice thing is that you can unlock all four ego types and have multiple load outs with different ego perks attached for example you could have a LMG with the overcharge with perks to increase damage for PVE, but in a different load out you could have a shotgun with invisible for PVP. It really is a flexible system.

Lastly PVP is fun, especially shadow war. Defiance defiantly has some great PVP. The main highlight is Shadow War, where ark hunters fight on the actual map where people are pve-ing. It’s a basic capture and hold scenario, but the allure to it is in the actual open game world. They only downside is it sometimes takes a long time for it to start since its 32 v 32. You can also do team death match which is fun also.

So far Defiance has been fun to play; there are many more excellent aspects to the game not mentioned here. The game does get repetitive though and has some glaring issues. Read my second part defiance the bad parts. I would like to say, that Trion Worlds has already committed to 5 DLC packs this year alone, so extra content will be coming, as the main story can be completed in 5 hours. I do think this game will have a future. I copied and pasted it for the few who don't want to check the website. :]

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Jack The Bear
04-22-2013, 01:56 PM
I'm not allowed on non-netnanny verified sites :D

....or I'm just lazy

lol I understand that, i do want to point out though.. Z00ku, If I am not mistaken, you do NOT get a new ego point every 10 ego rating, just every time you level up your ego via your actual EXP bar. I could be mistaken though, so let me know if im wrong. :]