View Full Version : Guys we need to get Trion to do this

defiant few
04-23-2013, 04:13 PM
First time on any forum this game is that good but could be better, first time playing an MMO was waiting on xbox to get one. I love the show and game I have so much fun playing with my 12 friends or by myself but sadly it could be better so i rate it at a 6 or 7 but could easily jump off the charts to an 20. Trion I know it's still early but I hope you are going to release content to make us utilise being in a clan more and soon because right now I see no point in it we can't even get in the same car or do missions together unless were in a group of only 4 people and idk about the average player but I always have more then 4 people playing with me. So here are my sggestions to make being in a clan and bring more fans im sure you guys will agree with me.

1. [Better pvp] Open world with no time limit put 10 or so bases around one standing out from the rest with sentry guns in strategic locations for clan members to take and hold until another clan takes them out and control the base or remake shadow war still open world but make it so that a base appears and we have to take and hold the base until a certain amount of time expires, instead of doing it with random people make it clan base, both of these ideas give you something to work towards and will give you a feeling that no one can touch my clan we are the best true bad******.

2. [REALLY!!!] When I found out you can only have groups of 4 and that the rest of my clan couldn't get in my car or do my missions and vice versa I just said really do us all a favor and get rid of groups it's pointless.

Trion this will make your game much better if you have to sacrifice tdm, Freight yard, and postpone giving us new missions I say do it it's an mmo game after all it should alwalys be an open world with millions of people in it.