View Full Version : Farming Guide - Bug 'n Chug

04-23-2013, 04:18 PM
This my method for farming explosive weapon levels.

Rewards - XP=3-4K, Scrip=1-2k, Resources=4-5k, Multiple weapon drops which can be sold or broken down, Keycodes=1-2 (depends if monarch and hulker appear)

Right next to bug n chug there are at least 4 major hell bug nests, mainly the two directly north. These nests spawn ALOT of skitterlings and warriors which when using detonators and launcchers provide alot of weapon damage and weapon XP due to the multikill bonus and because the enemies are close to each other that damage is done efficiently without wasting ammo. You can literally watch your weapon skill bar level up as you play. When moving between nests in the area monarchs and hulkers spawn in the hills behind bug n chug which will bet you a keycode or two. You can use other types of weapons bug explosive multi kills ARE the fastest way to level detonators and launchers. If you have questions my xbl gt is Last Pub Star , in game name is zerounlmtd