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hey u
04-25-2013, 11:06 AM
I think this game is the next brink for the 360. Atleast defiance the game is somewhat playable and the game is just another brink. This game did try something new mmo hole bunch of content but with defiance just like with brink it just didnt work out when u tryed to play online. Unless this game gets fixed and soon it will die. People will keep playing it from alot of the posts ive read people defend this game wayyy to much so defiance has got there fan base but will those people be enough to keep the game alive?? Only time shall tell now in the following weeks to come if trion fails to improve there game it will be up to the next game company to do it right and not push out a broken game. In the weeks leading up to defiance whenever I turned on the tv every day all I saw was a tv add for defiance or the game. At any store I went to defiance adds. I turn on the xbox defiance adds all the time. So when I go up on the fourms and see people defending this game to no end I cant help but wounder how much was spent on adds. I mean on almost every post of a bug people are like well on wow there were lags and problems well this is DEFIANCE and its 2013 so please stop saying o well wow had its problems so just wait god that gets really old. As for me ill keep playing this game but every time I log on I cant help but think whats the next game company that going to come out with a game like this but do it right put out a game with maybe a few bugs but all in all do it right. Only time will tell if defiance will make it as for me ill keep playing defiance praying that they fix all the bugs and lag and issues with this game or if it keeps on with all these problems then instead of praying for a bug fix ill be now praying for another game company to come out with a game like this but do it right and not put out such a lag bug infested game for 59.99 plus tax tho for now ill stick to defiance praying for a fix to all the bugs and problems with this game.

04-25-2013, 11:08 AM
People were saying, Oh well it's 1998 why does Isteria have bugs, Oh well it's 2002 why does Lineage 2 have bugs, etc. Year doesn't matter, computers are complex, bugs are to be expected with them. And will continue to be there as the code gets progressively complex. Rest of your post meh I'm in hopes they'll work It out

04-25-2013, 11:15 AM
I believe that I've gotten my moneys worth from Defiance, I still haven't beaten the story so I left things for me to do in the future.
I can't honestly say this game will keep me entertained for the coming months, but it is a great game that will have me coming back each DLC to play and be entertajned again.

04-25-2013, 11:17 AM
The thing is a lot of companies are starting to have their games come out with bugs these days I'm sure many don't intend to do such a thing but it happens. Skyrim, Fallout, even Red Dead ( Multiplayer ) had some bugs that were unforeseen. Though in the way of Brink that came... just no >_> I can't talk about it now. Anyway yeah games come into fruition later on than on release date, that's the generation we live in it seems.

04-25-2013, 11:18 AM
I dunno about xbox but I am experiencing No lag what soever on my comp, as for a perfect release from an MMO not going to happen, despite the year I think people just need to get over that theory. As for game play I have seen people in game that seem to be enjoying it.

I have also seen many gripes like you just posted which is fine, just stating your hope for a perfect MMO release because its 2013 is just unreasonable. I think the big part of this game being rushed was because of the series as well.