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04-25-2013, 11:44 AM
Ok, i have a few questions.

1: Are we going to get more graphics options? and if yes, does this game run in DX11, and if not, can we get a DX11 patch maybe, to increase the visual fidelity.

2: The weapon leveling system makes sense, but it does not provide the gameplay for a the long run. I wish it were more along the lines of borderlands, with random weapons and stats, which would make it more unigue and interesting for people, and make me want to trade with other people.

3: the perks are also a little messed up in my mind. i went with the bezerk skill as my skill. however, in all directions, all i can choose are non-weapon buffing perks. for instance, when i lose shield, i get 10% reload, or when i regain shield, i get +5% run speed. it has nothing to do with my gun, and im sad, since i think this game should distinguish between tanks, DPS and the likes.

4: Revamp PC UI. i understand this game was made for console, but please, the UI is so bad for PC. took me very long to even find out how to quit the game, since the UI is also very confusing.

5: Change the gun mechanics. I am using a level 50 EGO gun, since there is no difference between 2000 EGO guns and 50 EGO guns. I think this is wrong. again, i can see the argument behind this rational, but this is an MMO, there should be an incentive to level, which quiet frankly, right now there is not. the only rewards are more perks, which so far, at EGO 200, i can only use 3 of anyways.

6: Some sort of auction house. i would like to sell to other players, not just vendors.

7: Customize vehicle and character color.


9: Increase the difficulty of Ark falls, since right now, i have never died in an arkfall, and have only been downed once or twice. THESE ARE MAJOR EVENTS, how can everyone survive. they should make them harder, and also increase loot drops, and change the loots from grenades and shields to include guns, since so far i have received only 1 gun ever from arkfall loot.

10: i think thats it for now....

04-25-2013, 12:28 PM
1. Devs mentioned they will be adding more Graphics options for PC. However, this could take weeks or months.

2. Weapon leveling in itself isn't bad however once you level up a gun it no longer earns experience towards your weapon type. Which is quite a bad mechanic.

3. Once you get to about EGO 2,000 you can collect perks from all over the tree. There are ways to increase your DPS without directly adding to damage such as "EGO recharge 3% per kill" "EGO recharge 3% when damaging enemy" etc. But in general; no perk is overpowered. And most are just generally weak.

4. Haven't heard if they will be revamping the UI or not. But its one of my least favorite things in this game.

5. There is a large difference between EGO level 10 guns and EGO level 2000 guns. Or rather, there is a large difference on what stats a level 2000 gun can have in comparison. For example, level 10 guns usually come with 1 mod slot unlocked. Whereas level 1250 guns come with all 4 mod slots unlocked. At EGO 1600 you start getting double perks on the same gun such as "+Accuracy and +Reload." At EGO 2,000 almost all of the weapons I find have Synergy modifications as well. At this stage Purples can also have like 3 perk bonuses attached to them.

6. Agreed. We need an auction house. Though desperate players are currently using this forum to do trading: http://forums.defiance.com/forumdisplay.php?42-Need-Want-%28Trading-Post%29

7. Would be nice. But all of the skins on the Defiance store are simply recolored versions of what you can find in the game. If you could color your armor or vehicle they'd lose money on the store. And you can bet they'll NEVER add such a convenient option (^_^ ;; )

8. Woot. Me too. Though, I almost asked for a divorce today when I found out that all of my earned contract reputation vanished when I purchase contract weapons from vendors to complete my pursuits. Son of a Dev. Son of a freaking Dev. And now I have to start all over.

9. Agreed. Difficulty needs to be increased.

10. Whew.

04-25-2013, 06:17 PM
Yay, someone who doesent automatically start flaming and hating. well spoken friend! hopefully Trion sees this, i enjoy the heck out of this game, and only want whats best for it!

04-25-2013, 08:05 PM
I so agree that this game would benefit from a bump to DX 11. Hell I would take DX 10 for that matter. I did read some where that they are going to be giving us more control over our graphics settings. The weapons come in tiers like Galactimus said. Once you hit EGO 1600 or so you start seeing more stats on them but you revert back to seeing one mod slot on some until you gain some more EGO levels. I am assuming it happens again seeing as EGO goes to 5000. The things that kill me the most are the Hellbug pods that shoot into the air. I can't count the times I have had 4 or 5 shoot me at the same time and I go from alive to dead in a blink of an eye.