View Full Version : Armistice Celebration emergency not spawning

04-28-2013, 12:07 PM
I've waited for three days now before bringing the issue up. After some heavy research I've found many posts across the internet from people having the same issue. The Episode 1 events end tonight, and I've tried for the life of me (Probably investing several hours in total) looking for this one Emergency, Armistice Celebration, in order to complete the Goal associated with it. I find it cheap and unfair that I've invested so much time into this to have it robbed from me tonight when it is no longer obtainable within the game. It simply won't spawn.

I've tried:
-Driving around Madera for countless hours
-Completing countless Emergencies in the Madera area so that others may spawn
-Logging in and out over and over in the hope it'll spawn for me
-Camping spots others claim to have found the Emergency for up to a solid hour

I know they spawn randomly but come on...