View Full Version : Any new content yet?

04-28-2013, 01:41 PM
AS the title states, Do we have any new content yet? Played it completed it in no time at all due to lack of difficulty...

No replay value at all and nothing to "grind" towards that provides rewards.

By content i don't mean simple random based Pursuits..

Also have they fixed the broken pursuits yet?

04-28-2013, 01:52 PM
Yeah, we got some new content.

There are some titles associated with the universe's Amnesty Day celebration. There were a few Data Recorders you could listen to, surprising that they got the voice actors into the office to record them, quite a treat if you ask me. You get to set off chinese-eque candles in memory of those who died during the pale wars. There are fireworks in all the major hubs and many of the NPCs have set up many of these items for you to use. It's a very big deal if you follow the lore, so I particularly was excited when it was added.

Then, in the episode 2 content that was added we get a Lawkeeper's hat which is more appropriately colored for the Lawkeeper's outfit (a dark green versus the Deputy's light green,) as well as a lead into the first TV Show <-> Video Game tie-in that is going to be announced sometime Monday. That's right, you can be in the TV show! Or, well, your character. Also, more lore-based Data recorders, which are always welcome for us Lore fanatics. You're into the lore right? Of course you are.

Lots of stuff has been added, you should keep your eyes open. If you have had a hard time finding it, press J (on PC,) and scroll down until you see the Episode pursuits, they should guide you along.