View Full Version : bidding off northstar flare with 9 mag

04-28-2013, 10:09 PM
FRC Northstar flare - ego level 2,045

never leveled up and never used once

It only has a mag slot that is (unused)

synergy: grenadier
1 -10% recoil
2 -20%recoil
3 +5% grenade refresh on kill
4 +10% grenade refresh on kill

x1.14 melee dmg
15% self revive charge on reviving another player
+8 mag

DMG 1010
fire rate 1.0
mag 9
reload 2.5
crit multi 2.5x

id trade it for a respark shield, don't matter which kind.

but ill start the bid off at 50k

goodluck guys