View Full Version : Thoughts/wants/needs/things i'm satisfied with...

04-29-2013, 06:17 AM
Just a few things that i've noticed while playing..

Arkfalls well yeah they're getting boring... Hellbug after Hellbug arkfall non stop. It's come to the point i stay for one of the Minors and then leave and collect whatever rewards i get when it's finished.

Mutant Destruction/Mayhem...these are pretty rare..infact i only saw one over the weekend.

Scrapper Arkfalls, they're fun because well they don't happen all that often or that I notice.

Raider Destruction...meh, pretty much like the mutants...very few and far between.

Will there ever be a Dark Matter Arkfall?? How bout some Major Arkfalls with the mutants and raiders.

Yeah Keycodes, yeah i break down and salvage stuff...but really grinding out the crap like Mine 99 is well not challenging, Hellbug Arkfalls are stale. The Co-Op maps are a fun way to get them plus gain weapon XP stuff. Yeah they did need to be nerfed i mean killing 10 skitterlings and getting a keycode was way too easy. I still wish some instances would atleast give partial codes...it'd make them worth doing. I've found myself driving past almost every single open world instance with out even thinking of completing them anymore.

Weapon/Loot drops...yeah...98% of the time it's some garbage which is fine because well that means more arksalvage for keycodes but it'd like to see something nice drop on the ground now and again. There's a reason i melt down or sell every rocket launcher i get, they're a garbage weapon so stop trolling me with them as weapon drops lol!!!

Co-Op bosses and no loot?? I think there should be a loot drop at the end of the level, it'd be nice to pick up a cpl blues or a purple weapon at the end...heck maybe even one of those orange ones lol

Lockboxes and subpar results... yeah... gotta admit 85% of the stuff i've gotten has been total junk...here's a cpl of green rocket launchers a detonator and a northstar flare lol...?? Cah'mon game :P

Challengers aren't Diesels...why do they sound like one?? lol

Runners(Quads) are the best means of transportation IMO well other than fast travel haha!!

Frame Rate issues in PvP..probably the biggest reason i stay away from PvP


yeah sounding like a negative nancy but it's not all bad stuff. I really do enjoy the game.. i like the world, i like running around aimlessly doing as i please and i really enjoy the co-op well if i could just finish some of these bosses off within their time limits haha!!

anyone else who agrees or disagrees with me, please let me know haha. either all of this stuff is just in my head and i'm all alone with these thoughts or i'm part of a majority here lol