View Full Version : synergy is this even in game at this time?

04-29-2013, 10:00 AM
So since launch after losing tons of weapons due to game bugs etc I finally got a purple synergy weapons and some synergy mods that match it together and it didnt disappear from my inventory yet (most good stuff glitches and disappears in a day). I have a VBI shotgun that is run and gun synergy I got 4 took forever but4 run and gun mods and put them in the gun, there is NO indication that the 4 modded synergy bonuses are in fact happening and truthfully I cannot seem to notice any difference in the gun at all!
I know we only have brutal and run and gun mods in the game atm as is but do THEY even work?

i dont get the mod system by the time you get a mod that fits works or matches the gun is underleveled and xp on it is maxed out to top it off. not to mention guns fully modded disappearing from your inventory daily.