View Full Version : Why I believe Unique Loot Tables for Coops/Raids would be BAD for Defiance

04-30-2013, 03:42 PM
I realize a number of people have expressed interest in having unique loot tables added into the game; however, I feel that they would be a negative addition to the game overall. Let me explain my reasons.

Shift in activity value:

Currently, if my goal is to obtain loot, I have a variety of ways to go about it. I can do events (such as Mine 99), Coops, Arkfalls, or PvP. I am not including missions, as that is limited content. All of these reward the same thing, keys, which makes them somewhat equally viable.

This is one of the game's greatest strengths, in my opinion. I value this very highly. However, if unique loot tables were added to coops or potentially raids, this would change the "value" of all activities.

If coop maps suddenly started dropping guaranteed loot from a unique loot table, that activity would, more than likely, become much more "valuable" than an activity that simply rewards keys. This would, in effect, limit my options to just running coops or raids if I want the "good loot".

Damaging to current content:

As the value of other activities decreases, so does the interest in doing them. I predict we would see far fewer players participating in Arkfalls and events. In fact, I believe we would end up with the typical "problem" other games have, with the population idling at extraction points, queuing for coop maps, and avoiding most of the "world" altogether.

Contracts would still get some activity out in the world, but the truth is that players follow the loot most of time.

Loss of Cooperative Atmosphere

Once real loot is brought into the equation, I fear we will see a much stricter enforcement by players of what builds are accepted into groups. I see lots of /kick-ing in the future, as speed runs become the norm, and the fun coop atmosphere we have now is left behind.

I see the maps with the popular weapon drops being easy to get in, while the maps with the less popular weapons (BMGs) being very difficult to get a group for.


I wouldn't mind loot getting a bit of an overhaul. Make lockboxes have better drop rates. Have the coop map bosses drop a random weapon. Have synergy mods start dropping!!

But I feel the current system works really well in that it keeps most activities in the game populated and viable. I don't want to see barren events and Arkfalls, with everyone idling to go do speed runs.