View Full Version : Welcome to Starkson's Ark Hunter League!

04-30-2013, 07:14 PM
What the **** is a Ark Hunter League?

Honestly, who cares? The name is cool right!? Oh wait, you care? That actually makes sense, silly me. Should that "a" be an "an"? Oh wait, DWill doesn't like school in MMOs. To hell with it!

Well you lucky VBI lackeys, Starkson's Ark Hunter League is the place you wanna be. The place you wanna go. The place you probably don't want to purchase food from. But most of all, it's the place you wanna talk schtako!

Simply put, every 2 weeks, our HIGHLY qualified, EXTREMELY well trained, Chicken Quesadill...
Um....Challenge Coordinators, will issue challenges (duh) to you lucky bunch of VBI lackeys, and in turn, you'll earn some Scrip. Maybe. Whatever, right??

You'll be split into groups, which will then be put into tiers, which will be placed into columns, which will be organized in rows, which will be saved in a file format we haven't used for like 50 years. Go figure.

You'll rank up, rank down, rank left, and rank right. Not sure you wanna try all of that, pretty sure it'll make you dizzy. I remember John from Marketing reporting a few cases of motion sickness. Poor John. At the end of every month, we'll "celebrate" the top 2 players per server from each platform, and we'll also do the same for the bi-weekly challenge leaders. And we I say "we'll", I mean John from Marketing. Poor John. :'(

Do I know exactly how all of this is gonna work out? Of course not. That's for the Chicken Quesadillas to figure out. Not like they have families to attend to. Or do they?

Signing up is quite possibly a simple, I'm not sure what the IQ requirements were for you "Ark Hunters" though, because well, let's face it; All you do are fetch quests.

1) Post your username & in-game name
2) Specify what platform(s) and server(s) you play on
3) Get out of my office

We're also in need to Platform Coordinators, who will provide League support on their designated platform and answer questions for the oh-so-needy community. Those interested can pm me, whatever that means.

PSN: TheJx4 (NA) | In-game name: Jay Starkson