View Full Version : Downloading now!

03-22-2013, 04:27 AM
I am a huge borderlands fan but have never played a mmo before but when I headed about this game I knew I was going to want to. Glad to see a reservation is rewarded with a beta key. My download is only on 10% so I'm going to have breakfast and walk the dog and do my normal morning thing but my little bro is off from school so I'm home "watching" him. Ill be on for a good portion of the day not exactly sure what to expect with this beta but anyone who is interested send me a msg my gt is my username krhym3s. Just looking for ppl to enjoy this beta with that will hopefully lead to ppl to play with at launch. I'm pretty good at shooters and RPGs but like I said mmos are new to me so it might take a couple hours to get used to.

Looking foward to hearing from y'all