View Full Version : PLEASE!!!! fix this problem! DEV

05-02-2013, 12:28 PM
Many people are having trouple wth big pursuits not counting kills properly! 2500 kills in arkfalls has not worked for me since day 1. frustrating but fine. so im working on combat pursuits. 3000/5000 lmg kills (already have all other scout tactics challenges complete) so i get on today to start ginding the last 2000ish kills. ITS RESET!!!!!!! i have 10/5000 now WTF! please fix these pursuits lvlng up detonators and bmgs sucked and now that im on the easy part and that close to completing a tough challenge my lmg kills reset. ive never posted a complaint even with the beta. im sure the devs are busy and trying but that kill reset was extremely frustrating (let alone the arkfalls reseting everytime as well) can i get a reply to this? are theses issues being fixed? new mobs introduced into the game but launch day pursuits still broken...... sorry for the rant but i out in serious time doing the rest of the scout tactics challenges and now being so close i get reset. pissed