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Indra Echo
05-03-2013, 06:46 AM
People say don't kill the skitterlings at the red crystals and I know it's because they chew openings into the crystal. But, the final ranking for an Arkfall is based upon both damage (I think to all the crystals and the final boss) as well as the number of kills a player achieves-I assume this also may be related to the rewards you get, but maybe those are just random no matter what. I don't care about being number one on that leaderboard because it seems to be kind of messed up.

Here's the thing, I have lately started using 2 or 3 main weapons for Hellbug Arkfalls. I use a detonator and on the skitterling openings I can get 1313 damage to the crystal, and I use my orange infector. And sometimes I use a SAW. I end up killing a lot of skitterlings. But I also have a bonus in cloak for ammo and loot, and my clan is really good about adding boosts. I have a boost for loot from getting the season pass. So I get a bunch of stuff for killing things-I get a lot from the skitterlings and we always destroy the crystal in time. And I still do damage to the crystal (about 200) without hitting the chewed opening. I notice that everyone is killing skitterlings and there seem to be enough to do the job, so is this really such a bad way to play? Also, does everyone get a lot of ammo drops for the crystal part of the Arkfall? I noticed at the Hellbug boss part, there are a lot less drops of ammo.

I understand that it could take a real long time if there were no skitterlings getting through but there always are more than enough. And I may be wrong but it looks like sometimes the skitterlings help to create the archers and the tower type hellbugs that shoot that exploding goo.

05-03-2013, 07:08 AM
I think the rankings are based 100% on damage done to everything :) Just look at the ordering, often the person with the most kills is not #1.

Regarding skitterlings, i agree, i think even with all the cartards, detonators and bmg's at these things there always seems to be plenty to get the job done. LOL, it cracks be up to hear in chat people screaming at the one or two vehicles running over every bug he can while at the same time there are half dozen detonators hitting the crystal destroying any bug that gets within 10 meters of it, not to mention all the ones being shot up trying to get to it.

05-03-2013, 07:08 AM
This depends on many things, to be honest. If there is a huge zerg there, then you will have enough firepower to down the crystal without worrying too much about weak spots. Even with people killing Skitterlings, the occasional one will get through usually. If there is not a huge zerg there, then it will be a lot harder to kill the crystal in a timely fashion. You will notice this if you play at odd hours. I have seen my share of failed Arkfalls, as we couldn't destroy the minors in time.

Then you have the other consideration. Some people want to maximize their playtime. Killing the Skitterlings is unnecessarily extending the time the entire Arkfall takes to complete. So in effect, the people killing the Skitterlings are wasting other players' time. The flip side of this is that the longer an Arkfall takes, the larger kill count you can rack up, and the faster you can complete the 2500 kills you need. So you have two competing groups of players with different goals.

As for the loot and ammo drops, the larger bugs that spawn will basically spawn non-stop. The more you kill, and the faster you kill them, the more you will be able to kill and get drops from. If you really want to maximize your loot/ammo drops, without killing Skitterlings, then you want to make sure you "tag" every large bug/pod that spawns, while killing them all as fast as possible. I have never had any ammo problems shooting the big bugs, and ignoring the Skitterlings.

At the major Arkfall, you can concentrate on killing the Warriors/Archers while ignoring the Hellion/Monarchs. Again, just tag the Hellion and Monarchs, then turn your attention back to the assembly line of other bugs.

Your score is based on your total damage from all of the Arkfalls. I have had success focusing on the "big bugs", even at the Major Arkfall. I don't believe your "kill count" is factored in at all, as that would unnecessarily handicap the crystal attackers.

One more thing, a Detonator tip, you can plant stickies at the top of the crystal, and it won't hit the Skitterlings, and will still trigger a weak spot if one is there.

05-03-2013, 07:10 AM
It's standard game design to reward damage/kills much more than completing objectives. Probably just easier to code.

Rift had the same problem with its PvP maps.

05-03-2013, 07:23 AM
I never kill skitterlings and I'm always near the top of the leaderboard when I do Arkfalls, because I do so much damage by shooting the weak spots created by the few skitterlings that somehow manage to survive the idiots trying to kill them. The damage numbers you're getting with that detonator are feeble compared to a SAW. 1313 is roughly 2-3 rounds from a SAW hitting a weak spot. IIRC, I hit over 70 with each round when I'm not hitting a weak spot. I can put way more than three rounds into it in the time it takes you to hit it once. If you're using an AOE weapon, I will always do more damage than you.

The best loot drops are the ones that are awarded at the end and the ones that drop next to the crystal for everyone at specific damage levels. It's not a coincidence that there is a big group of players around that green when you go to pick it up. You're just wasting everybody's time. By ending the arkfall early, you can go kill something that doesn't make everyone around you wish you would go die in a fire.